Cashing in Their Tickets- Billy Beez

Remember a few weeks ago I shared about the reward system we created for the kids?  It’s been working pretty well.  I told the kids once they earned 7  tickets (which means 140 stickers) – they could cash it in for a trip to Billy Beez.  Jon almost told them he was just going to take them on a no-plan Saturday, but quickly remembered the earned mentality.

So on a Friday night, we told the kids it was time to see if they had enough to earn their trip.  He helped them count and sure enough, they had earned enough coupons Thursday & Friday to get them the last ticket they needed (phew!).  Saturday morning we got the kids ready and they handed Jon their 7 tickets to get on to the Adventure Bus (aka, our mini van)

billy beez valencia

Wow that’s super blurry. LOL.

billy beez valencia

billy beez valencia

It was my first time there (and, Ryan’s) but Jon, Aubrey & Luke have been before.  I wore Ryan in our Lillebaby (target affiliate link) and then Jon and I traded (well, he held Ryan) so I could play with the big kids.

billy beez valencia

Oh man that place is insane.  Jon had warned me about the “rainbow slide” but I was not prepared. Actually, I wasn’t prepared for any of the slides. They go SO FAST that I swear my bum bounced when I got off of it.  We were there for about 2 hours and came home.  The kids took a decent nap and were already asking to go back the next day.

The great thing about Billy Beez is that the admission covers in-and-out privileges throughout the day. We didn’t go back but I know some friends who have.  I also saw our Billy Beez in Valencia advertise Kid Drop Off to enjoy some shopping time. It was about $30 I think per kid for 2 hours.  Not sure if admission was included. If it was, that’s a great deal!

The kids are continuing on their saving and just the other night they traded in 3 more tickets for one of the items they “bought” originally when we grabbed all the items for the chart.

reward system

So far, so good!

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