Heading Back to CPK – New Dishes & New Decor

Jon and I were invited to CPK to try out their new menu items as well as newly remodeled interior.  Opinions are ours.

California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New Decor

As you know, over the past few months, I’ve slowly been working on expanding my makeup collection – my outward appearance, if you will.  I’ve taken a bit more time with small details like lipstick, nail polish, and mascara.  It’s a little bit of change that helps me feel better.  CPK has been doing the same sort of thing over the past few months.  If it’s been some time since you’ve stepped foot in a California Pizza Kitchen, I suggest you schedule a date night (or, LUNCH!) and check it out!

Jon and I met for lunch and picked up on the new decor.  Since we’ve been watching our fair share of HGTV and dreaming about our home remodel – we really pick up on the big and subtle details.  I loved a lot of the reclaimed wood work that we saw hanging from the ceilings and on the wall.  But let’s get to the food. THE FOOD!

California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New DecorWe started things off with the Fresh Strawberry Mango Cooler.  Since we were visiting for lunch – we skipped the cocktails (well, and hello – I’m pregnant) but this was so good!  I loved the carbonation – that’s something I always crave during pregnancy.

California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New DecorIt was a super hot humid day in Southern California, but we really wanted to try one of their new soups – Farmers Market.  It was so good even with the temp outside.  It has roasted squash, market vegetables, some cream, and California olive oil.  We weren’t sure if we should swirl it in or leave as is. But we swirled and it really brought out some good earthy flavors. When we ordered a side of their bread – we dipped them in the soup and it was delicious.

California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New DecorNow, I’m a huge appetizer girl.  I love picking the small bites so you can try a bunch of different things to make your meal versus one large dish.  I picked out two items for us to try (Jon did like them too, but one was a given we had to try and one I saw Carolyn try and I needed it).

California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New Decor

Crispy Mac N CheeseCalifornia Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New DecorAvocado Club Egg Rolls

Holy moly were these amazing. The egg rolls came with a side of their homemade ranchito sauce that was to die for.  We scooped that on each bite of the egg roll and it was the perfect amount of spice.

Next up was entrees – and of course we went with what they’re best known for – PIZZA!

California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New Decor

Maine Lobster Flatbread
California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New DecorSpicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza

Jon doesn’t eat fish so that flatbread was ALL mine.  It was so good and I really want more of it.  I’m going there again this weekend and I think I might need that.  Along with dessert. But, before I go there.  Jon’s pizza came with a side of cilantro & tangy lime crema.  When his pizza came out, you could smell the spice.  I didn’t try it cuz I’m a wuss but he said it was amazing.

So, dessert.  Also from Carolyn’s blog – and talking to her about it – she said I had to try the butter cake.  And because Jon and I can never turn away anything with marshmallows – we also got their s’more dessert.

California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New Decor

S’moresCalifornia Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New DecorButter Cake

So, dessert.  The s’mores treat was a base of  graham crackers (crumbled) then with chocolate pudding, and LOTS of marshmallows that are toasted and ooey gooey.  The pudding is cold so the contrast was really great. The Butter cake is flaky but dense.  It’s reminiscent to a cheese cake with a nice crunchy sugary top.  Topped with ice cream – it’s really amazing.

Our entire lunch bill was under $70 and of course we splurged to try so many things.  We both commented on how different bills can be when you skip the alcohol.  But don’t worry, they do have a great list of items to choose from. This welcomed you as you entered our location.

California Pizza Kitchen - New Dishes & New DecorSee? Lots of options!  If you’ve not been to CPK in a while, I really suggest you head over there!  We had a great time talking about names for our baby, which is SUCH a struggle.  I was happy with each dish that came out because it would pause the convo so we could enjoy the tasty items.

Special thanks to Susan and her team for the great service at California Pizza Kitchen – Santa Clarita!

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