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Do you remember that show, What Not To Wear? I watched it a lot in college with one of my best friends.  I always recalled watching and wondering how exactly the moms on there ended up with clothing that were 10+ years old, or mainly had a closet of boring, faded, stretched out t-shirts & jeans.  Obviously my college-age self would not have realized how EASY it is to fall into that, uh, rut.  Of course, clothing like this is completely acceptable when you’re playing with the kids or around the house.  But when you’re heading out on a date, or having to be dressed to impress for work, it’s not ok.

Here I am, now 33 years old, and I look through some of my clothing and realize how old most of it is.  Before our move, I made a point to deliberately go through my clothing and throw out the old tshirts & tank tops.  But my worst culprit? My pajamas.   It’s kind of sad how easily some of those items just age right before your eyes. You remember buying that pair of comfy PINK sweats while on a shopping spree with a freshly opened Victoria’s Secret credit card right smack in the college years.  Oh c’mon – you know you have a few like that too! We all went through that phase, right?

Well, now that I’m 33, and working hard to build up Social Elements Media, I look at my closet and get sad.  I literally don’t have anything to wear when I have to do that whole “dress to impress” thing.  I have bought a few items here and there, but never really knew how to pull it all together.  I have been enlisting the help of my Fashionista Friend – Maria – to help pull me together 🙂  We created a Pinterest board to help pull different looks, which can easily be translated as How To Dress For Dummies.  Yup. It’s like Clueless meets 2014!

It’s hard trying to find one store that has everything from casual to dressy and everything in between.  Oh, and with clothing material that looks great and the price  tag won’t kill your wallet.  I received an invitation to come and check out the Grand Opening of Byer California and almost everything in the store was exactly what I was looking for.

Byer California - Outlets At Tejon

I walked in and we immediately realized my coat (that I get TONS of compliments on) is one of theirs!   While this is their very first storefront under their Byer California label, they have been in many stores under other labels.  My jacket was from Macy’s and it is one of their top selling pieces year after year.  It’s been modified a bit with a different neckline and different buttons, but overall – same awesome coat!

Byer California - white black plaid coat

I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I had checked out their online fashions and was pleasantly surprised to see so many different types of items here at Outlets at Tejon that I couldn’t find online!  They also have a line called Byer California Studio that are cut in numerical sizes for women vs their S/M/L/XL style under their Byer California label.  Throughout my trip, I kept one thing in mind – I must by items that can be worn multiple times, multiple ways, and are business appropriate (no jeans & tanks!)

Byer California - cobalt blue dress with black polka dot tights

I LOVE this dress.  A dress is an easy item to throw on and look completely polished.  I love pairing it with the new black booties I bought and I still had on my tights (that have cute tiny black polka dots) and this is ready for date night!  Swapping out the tights & booties for a more casual look is possible with some brown cognac boots (that I have) and removing the big statement necklace.

Byer California - Red Chevron shirt with black motocross quilted skirt

I wanted to find a “bottom” that I could easily pair with a few new tops.  I won’t buy something unless I know I can pair with 3 different tops to ensure enough use.  That’s why I have so few skirts and so many jeans 🙁  I loved this skirt.  It had silver zippers on the side and the top part featured a cute quilted detailing.  I tried this on with a few tops, but realized that it just wasn’t me.  I would not get as much use out of it as someone else, so this did not come home with me.

Byer California - black ponte leggings with faux leather detailing and white blouse

Determined to find something else for  bottoms, I tried on these black tuxedo leggings.  They’re a thicker material and featured a faux leather accent up by my hips. Down the length of each leg also featured a slight detail panel for a “tuxedo” look.  I tried it with this shirt (removable necklace!) and loved it.  I kept seeing what else would pair well with it.

Byer California - black ponte tuxedo leggings with faux leather detailing and white blouse with bracelet cuff

This shirt was amazing.  It’s lightweight and simple but features amazing bracelet cuffs.  I also tried it with the red & black chevron shirt I initially had on with the skirt and since I found 3 tops, all 4 pieces came home with me.

Byer California - Black neoprene dress with back cutout

Every girl needs a LBD and this neoprene style was PERFECT!  I love the cutout detailing with button closure at the top.  There were a few variations of this dress in different colors & patterns but I loved the subtle pattern this also included.  It features a belt with gold closure.


Ok so now for some truly powerful business looks.  Neither came home with me because I don’t have a need for this. But, if you’re interviewing for jobs, or have a job with lots of face time with execs – these should be on your must buy list.  The first is a great dress with color blocking of gray & black.  There was also a coordinating jacket that could be paired with this (and also the second look below).

Byer California - gray and black knee length dress color blocking

Byer California - Black motocross pencil skirt with quilted detailing and white button down shirt

The 2nd white blouse is part of their Byer Basics Box.  It features 4 classic pieces for one great price.  This top I paired with the motocross skirt but it’s so classic it can be worn with almost anything!

Ok. So after all this shopping for business looks, I couldn’t avoid their denim table.  They had a great selection of jeans and one pair in particular reminded me of a pair of jeans that were my absolute favorite and suffered a massive rip that was beyond repair.  I tried on a look (that I actually talked about on Facebook prior to heading to Byer California) and this was my favorite look.  I also purchased the purse and wore everything to Disneyland.

Byer California - Skinny Dark Denim, Aztec cardigan, marsala tank, black purse with gold studs and black booties

Well, not the boots but you get the point.  This was a great buy and Jon said he could spot me anywhere 🙂  Byer California has 2 additional stores coming to Northern California in 2015 with more scheduled to open.  You should follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter because you never know when they’ll share special promotions!  And be sure to stop by their first store and grab some candy on your way out! Yes, candy bar!


Byer California

Outlets at Tejon

5701 Outlets at Tejon Parkway

Tejon Ranch, California 93203

PHONE: 661-858-2676


Which look is your favorite??


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