Busy little bee

This past weekend I had the best time, even if it was a quick trip. One of my fabulous friends – Liz, recently purchased her first home with her husband and they have both been busy with the decorating and finishing up all their projects. She mailed out housewarming invites last month, and I really REALLY wanted to be there. Luckily, Southwest has Ding Fares – a great program to download if you don’t have it already – and I was able to nab a great deal on a flight!

I got there Friday, after work, and my friend Mia picked me up. We ate some delicious sushi at Arigato Sushi in Roseville and OMG. so yum. And such a great deal!! Dinner & drinks for under $40! You can’t beat that.


Then, Saturday morning, she took a few pics for a new project I’m working on, and well, it sort of turned into a fashion shoot. Ha Ha. What can I saw? We love clothes and shoes! And gorgeous backdrops. So, I will be posting more info on that little project {hopefully} by the end of the week. So keep checking back!

Saturday afternoon Mia was a sweetheart and drove me an hour south to Liz’s house. I think she woke up the entire neighborhood when she screamed with excitement. I was so happy to have seen her in person! Their house was gorgeous, and everything was decorated in true Liz style. I would have photos, except I thought I lost my camera….although I found it right when I landed back home in Burbank. Whoops!

So, it was quite an amazing weekend. I loved it! And I loved even more coming home to my wonderful hubby and little kitty!


  1. be11agirl says

    OMG that picture makes me salivate. Both of those rolls were AH-mazing!
    What a wonderful weekend and I’m so happy I got to see you and spend some quality time with you! 😉

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