A Busy Festive Weekend

This weekend, and every weekend through the end of the year, is jam packed with stuff to do.  It might not be an all day event, but it’s events that take up time at some point. This past weekend I was spending the mornings with the littles and the evenings with the 4 of us (or more!) making memories and trying to make the best out of the situation.

Ever have those days where EVERYTHING seems to go wrong? It’s as if one domino fell and just set the stage for all the dominos to come pouring down.  That was Saturday.  It started off well.  I got a bit of “nesting” energy and was determined to dig out something for Luke to play in (with).  He’s still small for the jumper, so I brought this out and set it up.  Please excuse Aubrey’s awesome do.  And outfit. She got breakfast all over her pj bottoms.


Bright Starts Around We Go ($84.99 –  Target)

I also straightened up the under-stairs storage and Jon was really impressed. Go me!  It was an early nap for both kids, but only Aubrey slightly obliged.  Luke was on his own terms apparently.  After they woke up, we piled into the car, after a brief spill on the stairs by Aubrey.  She was ok, but later that night we discovered a bruise on her forehead :/


Oh but look. You can see it forming over her right eye in this photo.  This was me. Crammed in the backseat between both carseats.  It was the first time Luke FLIPPED out being in that thing.  After 20 minutes of him screaming I made Jon pull over so I could hop back there.  It sort of helped. And eventually he went back to his happy self until 15 minutes from our destination.  Then 5 minutes left he fell asleep. OF COURSE.

Where were we going? Fashion Island in Newport for their Tree Lighting Ceremony.  They were having a small performance by some Disney characters and THAT’S what prompted us to make the trip and meet up with some of our family. We even got Texas photographer, Hillarry Pitts to come and immortalize this moment on film.  This was the 2nd year of the ceremony, and the 2nd night for this year. I was sad to see the chaos that ensued and tweeted to Fashion Island this photo, and also saying I hope they can handle it slightly better next year cuz it was a bit of a nightmare and truly unsafe in my opinion.


About 30 minutes before the start of the show, I snuck off to change Luke’s diaper feed him.  Except after walking to the elevator, waiting forever, going downstairs and getting in the bathroom – I realized Jon had the diaper bag. :/ So I went back upstairs and fed Luke on a comfy couch and started getting texts from Jon saying it was getting crazy.  (the photo above was during the performance).  I rushed back but was not able to get to him, Aubrey, or my mom.  My aunt came to me and kept Luke & I company.  Once the performance was over, we waited for the crowds to thin out so we could maneuver over to the rest of the group.  Jon said Aubrey had such a great time and it truly saddened my heart to miss it.  There was not anything I could do at that point. But we did get a photo!



This was the best of 7 shots.  Neither kid wanted to look at the camera. And more evidence of Aubrey’s spill is visible.  Except we didn’t notice at this point. Nope.


My mom had picked up Disney hats for the kids and she borrowed 2 for Jon and I to wear for pics.  Luke is thinking “hmmmm what IS all this bright sparkly stuff?”  Christmas, love. Christmas.

So, after the madness, our friends Jen & Chris also met up with us and our entire entourage headed to dinner.  I had previously learned that Lemonade was located at Fashion Island and I’ve seen so many people post about it on Instagram I decided that’s where we would dine – and heard it was supposedly kid friendly. Awesome.

Upon arrival. Whoa. the lines.  The options. The environment. I was honestly overwhelmed.  It was at this point I saw Aubrey’s huge bruise & bump on her head. My mama heart fell.  I felt so awful. Between that, the stressful car ride, the crowds, missing her excitement over the Disney characters, I felt like I was on the verge of tears. At Lemonade. In line.  Except I had to order.  I grabbed food for us, and we kept asking the people behind us what to do.  I found out the chicken is cold unless you ask for it to be heated.  There’s different spots to receive your food. But you’re supposed to order it all at the first part. Except for the Chili. Cuz that one I apparently forgot until checkout.

I told Jen I felt I was not cool enough to dine here. It’s true. As I looked out at my baby, and toddler, and husband, with our strollers and diaper bag and crying kids. Ya, probably not the best idea.   But we did get our food, it was AMAZING and the only pic I have for you is the receipt. That I took on Monday.


The Holiday Turkey sandwich. Whoa dude. Order that now.  And the Blood Orange Lemonade was awesome.  Even after I also spilled that on our table moments after getting our food.  Didn’t I mention it was an awesome time???  The car ride home was just as entertaining as the way there.  Both kids, thankfully, fell asleep just under half way home.  Jon and I were so wiped out we could barely talk when we got home.

Which brings us to Sunday.  After church Jon went off to study and I brought the kids back.  Another hang out session and early nap. This time both obliged much better. Except Luke woke up early.  Which is fine.  Guess what today was? Holiday Family Photo time!!!   Becca Rillo took the photos for Aubrey’s first birthday and we had planned on a maternity shoot but Luke had other plans and came early.  So I asked her (half joking, half serious) if she would do family shoots in the fall.  And I was SO HAPPY when she emailed to say she had set up dates.  We signed up, and I waited till almost last minute to figure out our outfits. I searched Gap.com to grab some items and also shopped at Old Navy.  Jon’s shirt came from there last month and I bought Aubrey’s dress, leggings & booties from Old Navy.  I was trying to find a great color scheme and was really drawn to the blues and greens.  I wanted a new outfit but nothing really matched that scheme and so I asked my sis to borrow her dress.  Luke’s outfit was an outfit from a friend.


Because of my dress, and timing, I couldn’t feed Luke at the park.  But planned ahead and brought his Tommee Tippee bottle.


I might be biased but damn he’s a cutie!!!

Jon was in charge of Luke and I watched Aubrey.  We ran back and forth over the bridge and went to the kiosk of the park to see the footprints of the animals and feathers that were kept in there.  We did this for 20 minutes.  And we also took selfies!  <– word of the year yo!




Yes running was what we did best.  Also – a photoshoot with an active toddler and a baby is no joke.  I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry during the whole thing.  I haven’t seen the photos yet but did see a few sneaks from the back of the camera.  Becca is awesome and I have no doubt she captured a few moments of us.  Can’t wait to get it so I can finally order my Uncommon case for my new phone!!!!!

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