Building Your Tribe – New Mom Edition

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building your tribe - new mom edition

Building a tribe is always an important aspect of Adulting.  You need to find friends/strangers/family that are in your life stage and can help assist with tips – or just provide you with encouraging words to keep you going forward.  When I was wedding planning (and shortly after), I found myself in a tribe talking with other newlyweds and chatted about our china patterns we liked, what shoes to wear for the day, and if a second dress was a good idea.  That tribe moved from an online chatroom into a private email thread, and finally landed in a private group on Facebook where we talk daily, and share tips, gripes, and ask Does this look normal to you?

When you have kids, if you’re trying to search around and find a mom tribe to relate to – it can be easy, or sometimes more of a challenge.  Knowing where to find moms is a bit easier now with apps like Covey to plug in to a local area and ask questions and find out about new things going around town. Searching through the forums, there is always a few moms asking about one important topic – SLEEP. There’s a myth circulating that babies always sleep. HA! I’ve had my fair share of experiences with 3 kids to know each kid is different, and there are a lot of different methods to try to have your little one sleep.

building your tribe - new mom edition

Ryan is about 6 months older than my niece and likes to help teach her things.  Here – he is showing her how FUN the remote is.  One thing he can’t teach her is how to sleep.  His auntie (my sister) would love for him to teach my niece about how awesome a long stretch of sleep at night is vital for his growing – and his parents’ sanity.  Text updates from my sister have shown my niece definitely needed some help in the sleep department.  My sister had tried a few things but nothing was making a drastic notice.  I was invited to attend a class by Covey taught by the authors of The Happy Sleeper.

building your tribe - new mom edition

The Happy Sleeper was written by two MFTs (Marriage & Family Therapists – which my sister is one as well!) – Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright.  The class had a full house and we started by listing out all the things that we do, as parents, to help our kids go to bed every night. After everything was listed, we realized they had split it into 2 categories – what the child can do on their own, and what requires another person to assist.

The class was full of information to implement as soon as possible.  Many of the parents there (with babies as young as 5 months and as old as 18 months) were there to ask questions and to troubleshoot what needed to be done to have their babies be Happy Sleepers.  My sister had a list of items to try and she started that night.  After 3 days, I’m happy to report that my niece has been an EXCELLENT student and her 2-3 hour stretches are quickly becoming a distant memory. Her 45 minute naps have now expanded well past 90 minutes.  It’s absolutely amazing.

What’s the main trick? Trusting that your baby has capabilities and can sleep on their own.  Everything you’re doing is to help them just do it.  So simple. But yet we need a tribe to really help is sort through and get to the root of that.

Follow along on the Covey App for more classes of The Happy Sleeper this fall.

As Jon and I are heading into our own set of sleep troubles with the big kids – The Happy Sleeper is also a resource for that.  My sister is going to loan me the copy she purchased at the class to help get everyone to bed the FIRST TIME.

So if you need to find your mom tribe – find about new classes, meet up locally, download the Covey App and search the major cities near you.

building your tribe - new mom edition - The Happy Sleeper

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