Building Traditions

So, with our first anniversary, Jon and I decided to think up what our annual tradition would be to celebrate each year. Originally, when we started discussing what to do, we had a few ideas that came up, but all involved a lot of cash, and that’s something we don’t quite have. Relaxing spa weekend – ideal. Cost, yikes.

So, we kept it at home, built a closet, and talked. We have both been rushing around the past few weeks, and he was pulling some weekend work, and well, we hadn’t had a good chat. So we spent a lot of time, over dinner, discussing things like our little house, and how we should be using space better. And then I brought up the topic of traditions with our anniversary.

So, we decided to come up with a great one – order thai food from our favorite local place, enjoy some good beer, and chat. And, eventually, when we have kids, we’ll go TO the restaurant and have the good beers and hope one of the grandparents will want to spend some time with their grandkid(s) and let us get some adult time in :o)

Yay for traditions!


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