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There’s just something about a lazy Sunday afternoons and warm sunshine that just make me so happy.  I know it’s crazy to have 80 and 90 degree temps in March, but that’s what seems to pop up every now and then in SoCal.  I just roll with it 🙂  Even though I haven’t blogged about it weekly, I’ve still maintained our #DellMealPlanning on Instagram and work on our meal schedule each week and will soon be sharing our fancy new method of displaying it for the adults to read.  One thing about meal planning is always having a few easy dinners to plug in when you know you’ll be wiped out from a busy weekend, or want to make something you know the kids won’t fight you on eating.

Dell Meal Planning | Build Your Own Pizza |Rustic Crust

When I was working on our meal this past week, Sunday was going to be a busy day.  Not only was it Day Light Savings time (when you can hear a collective groan from parents all around the country), I was going to be heading down to the OC with my mom and the kids to celebrate my cousin’s birthday.  Traffic down there is unpredictable and I knew an easy meal was needed.  I also knew it was going to be crazy hot and we’d be taking in the sunshine outside.

Dell Meal Planning | Build Your Own Pizza |Rustic Crust

I think she gets her sassiness from her dad. HA!

I planned a Build Your Own Pizza Night with ready made flatbread crusts and sauce from Rustic Crust.  They sent us a few varieties and I flexed my brain power to come up with some awesome toppings to include.

Dell Meal Planning | Build Your Own Pizza |Rustic Crust

I kept it simple for the kids – sauce, cheese & pineapple.  But it was really the first time they’ve helped make a meal AND had it be their own dinner.  They were hilarious working together to spread out the sauce, cheese & pineapple. Had to help them but you gotta laugh at this timelapse I shared on Instagram.

We cooked their pizza first and we set Grammie’s timer for 8 minutes.  With our electric oven, we have to really keep an eye on time.  As soon as it started going off, Aubrey ran in to tell us it was done.  Unfortunately, it was not.  She could not understand why the timer didn’t mean done but instead almost done. As theirs cooked, Jon was working on his pizza.  He is not a lover of red sauce, so he used a mixture of Ranch dressing and mayo.  If you’ve never had ranch on a pizza, you should try it. It’s REALLY good.

Dell Meal Planning | Build Your Own Pizza |Rustic Crust

For the adults, I grabbed a huge range of toppings.  I bought hot pork sausage, jalapenos, tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and leftover roasted brussels sprouts.  I do not like spicy things, so I skipped the jalapenos on mine but did include the hot pork sausage since it was more warm than hot.

Dell Meal Planning | Build Your Own Pizza |Rustic Crust

Jon worked at a pizza place for a few months while we were engaged and he’s got a few tricks he’s passed to me.

Jon’s Tricks To A Good Pizza

  • Be sparing with the Sauce
  • Brush olive oil around the edge of the crust before baking
  • Add a light layer of cheese before adding your toppings
  • Add a light layer of cheese on top of all your toppings
  • Never be scared to try something new on top of your pizza

With that last point, the brussels sprouts was a last minute decision but it was brilliant.  My mom and I enjoyed it so much.  I’ve really grown to love a great veggie pizza and this knocked it out of the park!

We all loved our pizza and the different flatbread crusts.  My mom and I had one with basil, Jon’s had cheese, and the kids had a thin crust.  Rustic Crust also has Gluten Free styles and their sauce packets was just enough sauce to coat the pizza without overwhelming it.

Jon and I also learned that Aubrey is quite the photographer!  She was mimicking the way I was taking photos with my DSLR by holding the iPhone so close.  But the shots she took were great!

Dell Meal Planning | Build Your Own Pizza |Rustic Crust

Dell Meal Planning | Build Your Own Pizza |Rustic Crust

Thank you Rustic Crust for sparking some new ideas for Pizza Night at the Dells!

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