Budget & Accountability {week 7} – #FinancialFriday

20130502-144546.jpgWe’re almost at the end of the Budget & Accountability series.  I decided it’s about time to wrap it up.  I’ll still be checking in, but let’s not get all sappy and just get down to checking out how April ended up.  As you can see, not so hot.  But, as has been the theme throughout, let’s find out why we ended the week way over budget and also the month.

When we purchase things for our household, I buy multiple.  We shop at Sam’s Club and stock up on ground turkey, hamburgers, paper goods, cheese, etc.  We do this about every month (or longer) and the first week of May brought on that trip.  Kind of scary how much can be spent.  With this last week in April, I also stocked up on diapers for Aubrey.  We haven’t switched back to cloth {yet} and Target had a deal where buying 2 large boxes gave you a $5 gift card.  The large boxes last about a month with our current schedule.  I figured why not buy both now, and get $5 to spend later on more items?

In checking out the breakdown – I see where other things fall in to play.  I bought Aubrey some new summer PJs and I bought myself a bathing suit. But, I actually bought 2. I used my sister as my model so she tried them both on, and one is going back. 3 of the PJs I bought Aubrey are too small and those are going back.  I’ll have to account for those returns in this week’s list and that will be nice 🙂

I keep forgetting to print up the monthly breakdown sheet to enter in the data for April.  I need to get that going.  I hope everyone that has been keeping up is doing well with your goals.  Stay tuned for next week’s final Budget & Accountability post and the 5 things I’ve learned from this experience!

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