Budget & Accountability {week 5} #FinancialFriday

Budget and accountability week 5 #financialfriday melissadell.com

Welcome to week 5! How many of us have been staying on track with our budgets? I received a facebook message from Bre that she and her husband, JB, have been using the spreadsheets and they have been coming under budget! I wish I could have the same luck. LOL.  I’m not sure if my spending allowance is unrealistic or we seriously have a problem sticking to a budget.  Each week-end Jon asks how we are doing, and I don’t like telling him the honest truth.  But it is the truth so I must tell.

This past week we had some big purchases for the kids.  I’ll be posting next week what some of the money was spent on, but we spent $70 on them, and I spent $75 on maternity clothes.  My bump is getting bigger every week and I’m more pointy this time around and my shirts are not lasting as they did last pregnancy.  I was a super shopper and went to Ross to get some tops.  They had solid vnecks (what I was shopping for) at $5.99 a piece. But I also found a few other tops that were cute and figured I should have some that are a bit dressier.  I have a few blogger networking & conference events coming up, and I should dress up a bit.  I also found a pair of denim shorts for $10 and couldn’t resist.  The pair I had from Aubrey were too small with her and I got rid of them after I gave birth.  I guess I closet purged a bit too early.

So, all things considered, if we took out that $140, we would have been under budget!  We spent $361.86 and for the month we’re at $712.19.  Bre also asked when I’d be posting my monthly recap spreadsheets to get quick glances at everything.  I will be working on that and have it ready for the final recap for April.  Since I didn’t start this project at the beginning of March, I feel April would be the best month to start it in.

So how are you doing? I know the document has received a bunch of pins – are you finding it helpful? Leave a comment!

And, as always, this is for personal use only! (click image to be directed to the purchase page)

Weekly Spending & Accountability Budget

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