Budget & Accountability {week 2} #FinancialFriday

Budget & Accountability Week 2 #financial Friday

Well. This didn’t work out so well.  First things first – went through where all our money went this week.  We went way over budget on our  gas – because I had a bridal event 40 miles away (one way) over the weekend and had an extra fill-up.  We also had 2 gifts to purchase, but everything else aligned up pretty well with our breakdown of our budget.

When figuring out how much to budget for each week, I took the approximate amount we spend each month and split it up into weeks.  Sometimes we have bigger spending one week, and then less the next. Hoping this is the case. Can I be honest? It really hurts to see how much we went over.  I guess that’s why I need to keep track of this on paper for us. So we can actually see where all this is going.

If you have a budget for your home, how do you handle when you go over in a week? month? (whichever way you track).  Do you say “oh well” and move on, no big deal? Do you sit and ponder and figure out if there was any way you could have prevented? Or do you make it bother you so much that you just say “screw it” and stop your budgeting discipline?

Let’s stay accountable together! Link up your Budget/Accountability/Financial post from this week!


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    I’ve always been a pretty good at saving money since I was a kid. I’ve developed a habit of never spend more than 1/2 of what I earn. I kind of fell off the wagon in the last few years. Time to get back on the track again. Keeping your budget in check is so important in this economy when you don’t know if you’d still have a job tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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