Bubbalooch – Modern Cloth Diaper Parties

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As you know, I’m a entrepreneur at heart – I started Bling Diva Designs in 2009 and haven’t looked back.  I love immersing myself in weddings.  But once Aubrey was born, a whole new world opened up.  Those first few months were a crazy adventure and some of the things we wanted to try out included using cloth diapers.  I wasn’t sure how I would get Jon on board with it,  but it turned out not to be a big deal.  He had the same thoughts as me – saving money.  We did go through a good amount of money trying out some different types of cloth diapers.  At the end of that post, it was decision making time.  Jon and I did not become a fan of the Ones&Twos diapers, but we ventured out of the valley to a retail shop to feel out cloth diapers.


Did you know how hard it is to pick something out online? The only true way to figure out what you might like, or not like, is to see it, touch it, and learn how it works in person.  At that retail shop, we discovered 3 new diapers – the Swaddlebees Econappi, The Swaddlebees Simplex, and Bottombumpers.

Swaddlebees Simplex - Elephants

Swaddlebees Simplex – in the new Elephant Print

Swaddlebees Econappi - Cow

Swaddlebees Econappi in Cow print

Bottombumpers - Espresso

Bottombumpers in Espresso

Earlier this year, Jon and I were talking about how great it would be if families could learn about cloth diapers, how it works, dispel any rumors, and get to see a variety of brands & styles in person.  What’s better than that? We brainstormed and came up with Bubbalooch – Modern Cloth Diaper Parties!  The rep (ie – me) would come to the house with one of each of the diapers, some accessories, talk and answer any questions folks might have, show them how the diapers go on, what you do with the poop, and how to take care of them to last through multiple children.  We’ve been having parties since the early summer and have had great success with introducing more and more families to cloth diapers.

Right now I’m hosting parties in the greater Los Angeles area and we have another rep – Wendy – to help out in the Orange County area.  The parties are no pressure – no buying required.  We just ask that you come with an open mind, lots of questions, and hopefully by the end you’ve learned a little something.  If you’re interested, please email me at melissa@bubbalooch.com!  I look forward to meeting and telling you what all the fluff is about!

Bubbalooch - modern cloth diaper parties 1

Bubbalooch - modern cloth diaper parties 2

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