Bruschetta – a la Julie and Julia

When I watched Julie and Julia the first time, there was on dish that seriously made my mouth water. But, I thought, maybe I was just hungry. When I watched it a second time, I again experienced the same thing with the same food. So, I decided I needed to make it. I needed to see if it really tasted as delicious as it looked.

I’m talking about the bruschetta. The bruschetta they were eating just before she decided to write her blog. So, scouring the interwebs, I found a link to a blog, that linked to another blog, that linked to the actual blog posted on The Atlantic Food website. You see, Susan Spungen was the culinary consultant and the food stylist on Julie and Julia. So I took her actual recipe, made it, took pictures of it, and brought it to my husband’s grandmother’s birthday bash. She wanted to have an Italian food theme, and this fit in just perfect as an appetizer. One of his grandma’s kept calling it salsa, but everyone who tried it, knew it was amazing.

First, the pictures, then the recipe. mmmm.

Picture 11

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This is a great recipe to plan ahead of time and do for a party or gathering.

The night before, I cut bread {I used french bread} into 3/4″ bread pieces. I fried them in extra virgin olive oil {like the recipe}. Nothing too fancy, but don’t add too much. I also drizzled some more on the other side before flipping. I stored them overnight just stacked like the pic – no cover. The next day, I stuck them in a 250 degree oven for 15 minutes on a cookie sheet, then turned the oven off and left them there till I needed to leave for the part {they were in there a good hour or more}. Overnight they sort of softened up a bit and they really need to be crispy.

In the morning (day of the party) I chopped up all the tomatoes (I used heirloom ones from TJs to give some good color) chopped up some basil, and tossed all together with a really good extra virgin olive oil. Add some fresh ground pepper, and store it in the fridge and let them marinate.

About 30 minutes prior to the party, open it back up, add in sea salt (the larger granules are fantastic) and cover back up. This will let the tomatoes get uber juicy. Also, take the bread out, rub garlic cloves on one side of the bread. Don’t do too much. The first piece we tried – I put too little. Second piece – too much. The garlic taste remained in our mouth for over an hour. lol.

At the party, just put the bowl of tomato deliciousness out with a spoon, put the bread in another bowl, and include a little bowl for some more sea salt. Some want more on top, and some don’t.

Thanks to Susan Spungen for putting this on the web – and into my life. I ate it for dinner the next night too. Mmmmm

I used 4 loaves of french bread, and 2 large containers of the tomatoes from Trader Joe’s and I think I had too much tomatoes. We had 12 adults and we ate about 3/4 the tomato mixture, all the bread. Enjoy!


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