Bringing Back the Bling

The last time I’ve truly posted about some of my side job endeavors, I can’t even recall.  I talk about them, a lot, on Twitter but not too much on here.  Not sure why I don’t.  Each of them have their own site, blog, and Facebook page.  But here is where I talk the most about my life – all aspects of it.  Bling Diva Designs is coming up on existing for 4 years. FOUR YEARS.  I made the first one for our wedding {anniversary is 10-18!} and officially started making them to sell that next year.  I made one for a girlfriend as a gift, but the first for-sale bling was in 2009.

Since then, I’ve created toppers for brides all over the country.  I’ve made one for a wedding in Canada as welll! And last year, my business took a side road that I would have never expected.  I was hired by Georgetown Cupcake to create a bridal shower gift for Katherine – a bling mixer.  To date, I’ve had a total number of 7 orders – 5 for them, and 2 for others.  I have loved creating a variety of colors for everyone!  So, please feel free to take a glance at the photos below from the weddings I have done, photoshoots, the mixers, and if you’d like to keep in touch, like me on Facebook!


Bridal Shower Tea {inspiration shoot} Photography from Meghan Christine Photography.

Bride Amal – Photography by James Lang Photography.

Bride Lauryn – Photography by Fairy Tale Photography.

Bride Kristianna – Photography by Gavin Wade Photographers.

Bling Mixers – Light Rose, White, Green Apple, Fuchsia, Black

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