Brief First Birthday Recap

I still can’t believe I have a one year old.  But I do, well, Jon too 🙂  The party was such a great time, and I loved how everything came out.  I loved the theme – Vintage Carnival with the pinks & orange color scheme.  I only had to nix one small thing, and I think that’s incredible considering all the little details I decided to throw in there. I never felt TOO overwhelmed in the days leading up to the party, and that morning flew by with getting everything ready.  I am incredibly thankful for MJ for getting there to help set up, keep the party flowing, and also clean up. I owe you girl!  Most of the photos below were taken by family. The last one, of the centerpiece, was the ONLY photo I took the whole day. Kind of bummed I didn’t even grab an #OOTD post! (outfit of the day).  Oh well. Just goes to show time flies when you’re having fun!


A full recap will come later, with photos from the amazing Becca Rillo!

First Birthday Vintage Carnival 1

Girlfriend was blessed. She doesn’t seem too excited, but believe me, she had so much fun!

First Birthday Vintage Carnival 2

Quick pic trying to get her to stand in her bday outfit. Everything she has on was hand made. The tutu was a gift and I made her onesie (and hair clip) to match the theme & color scheme. Yes. I’m crazy.

First Birthday Vintage Carnival 3

Needless to say, she really wanted the cake!

First Birthday Vintage Carnival 4

The only photo I took. Winning!

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