My Book Reads

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I have been an avid reader since forever. My mom would take us to the library that was 2 blocks away to pick up books and I recall finishing most within 2 days.  From kid series (Babysitter’s Club!) to mysteries (Chris Pike!!) I was all over reading.  Passion for reading dropped off sometime during high school & college, mainly because I was preoccupied reading for classes.

Ever since receiving a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday, I’ve fallen in love with reading again. Here’s a list of the books I’ve been reading, and a quick rating on how I deem the books.  Click the cover to be directed to Amazon, and below is a text list of what I thought about them.

         My Sister's Grave - Robert DugoniDark Places - Gillian Flynn


Some Girls Bite – Great starter to a series. But I haven’t purchased the rest.  (rec from What I Run Into)

The Girl Factory – This book was bizarre. I started reading it (it might have been a free download, can’t recall) and I stopped about 3 chapters in

Favorite Wife – I must admit, I have a bizarre fascination to Polygamy.  I finished this just to see where it went, but I didn’t love it. Kind of like one of those car accidents – you don’t want to look, but you can’t help from looking away. Needed to see it through

Jesus Feminist – LOVED!! It’s so not what you think. I was thinking it would be one way and I ended up really enjoying it. I want Jon to read it too. (rec from Hollywood Housewife)

Mortal Obligation – Fantastic read!

Mortal Grave – I think the author felt the fans wanted more, and quicker. The writing wasn’t as stellar as the first one.

Mortal Defiance – By the time I got to this, I was really losing steam. The writing was subpar but I had to finish to know how the trilogy ended.

The Bubble Gum Thief – Completely restored my faith in good mysteries.  You have no idea where anything is going until it wraps up nicely towards the end. Loved!!!

Gone Girl – Way late to the hype of this book. But seriously, if you have anger issues, don’t read this. I am a fairly mellow person and I was so angry half the time.  I wanted to slap everyone around in this book.

The Husband’s Secret – Intertwined characters (think, Love Actually style) and wonderfully written.

Darkness & Shadows – Bizarre book, but really enjoyed.  It’s a mystery and some of the character’s dialogue is written a bit casually. But, a good ending.

Vanished – OMG! So good!!! This was a free download (1 per month with Prime I think?) and I loved it! I hope she writes more just as great!

Then We Came To The End – Ugh this book. I felt like I was in a revolving door, but never got off. Just went round and round. I gave up after about 8 chapters. Shocked I got that far but I was really hoping I’d find the point of the novel. But no, so I got off.  (rec from Hollywood Housewife)

My Sister’s Grave – SUCH a good murder mystery.  Never knew how it would end up and those are the best books!

Dark Places – This is a very dark mystery.  At times, I had to pause reading it because it was just too much.  But I was grateful for how it ended.