BlogHer12 – New York City

{MJ and I are working on writing up different posts and different topics from our recent conference attendance of BlogHer. Click here to see all my articles! }


Good morning Lovies!! I just returned from NYC with MJ from our very first blogging conference -BlogHer. It was my first in general but MJ has been to many before with her work & attendance with her sorority. And thank goodness cuz she had some sort of idea what was going on!

On our flight back we outlined a bunch of posts to collaborate on in the next 2 weeks but to start us off, we are just posting pics! We will also be updating this post (and hers on her site) to track down later on.

So here are my photos!! I captured them all through instagram {@melissa_dell} and used additional programs {snapseed & picfx} which can apply some awsome effects!

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 1

First photo in the NYC terminal (after walking past Fabio from Top Chef!!)

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 2

This is me. After 4 hours of sleep, cross country plane ride, delayed landing, and a 1.5 hour car ride through traffic

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 3

First night out – after a bit of freshening up. Went to Little Italy for some authentic grub and wine and gelato!!

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 4

Coffee – a must in the morning

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 5

Day 2: after brunch had more mimosas and a blow out at The Dry Bar.

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 6

After the Dry Bar and before a swag event at the Sheraton.

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 7

One of my favorite swag items! From Sharper image

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 8

Night time: great event co hosted by Busy Bee Blogger on a rooftop terrace for California Dreamin (so cal bloggers)

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 9

Much needed grub after a long day

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 10

Day 3: highlight of the trip? Meeting couture designers Badgley & Mischka

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 11

Finally got to meet my editor from Newylweds Dish

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 12

Trying out Starbucks new at home one touch espresso brewing machine – Verismo

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 13

Day 4: Met owner Nina of MomAgenda

BlogHer12 NYC Conference 14

Drinks and meeting Aly after so much chatter on twitter!!

Stay tuned for more posts coming up!


  1. Aly says

    YAY!!! 🙂 So glad we were able to meet up! I had a great time with you girls!!! ………. Cruise soon!

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