Blogging Financial Report – May 2015

You can catch up on March & April’s financial report here.

blogging financial report - may 2015

One thing I have learned over the past few years of blogging – is that no months are ever the same.  When I first started blogging for products or payments, was after I attended BlogHer 2012 and thought “why not?”  On the plane ride home I re-worked my strategy to come up with some long term goals, research affiliate links (referral links to products I like and if someone bought through those links, I general a very small commission), and collaborating with other bloggers.

The collaboration was with a friend who was blogging at the time, and she had a great following through her fashion based blog.  We took turns writing pieces, and sharing each other’s links to posts.  I also realized that opportunities came in waves.  Within the past year, I’ve noticed things come fast and hard, or not at all.  You’ll remember my March report which had a net income of $660.78 in cash and $100 in a gift card for products.  April I was in the hole since all I earned was $5 from printable sales and product compensation.  It’s hard to leave your day job for totals like that.  But it’s all a process and I’m patient.

May brought on more paid opportunities and happy to have some income coming my way.  Here’s a roundup of income & expenses for the past month.


Blog Posts

$615 cash earned

$23 payment via products

Affiliate Income


Printable Sales




$65.00 products for posts

$1.65 PayPal fees

$17.70 Facebook Ad Fees



18 miles

Another month on the books.  I added in a new source for affiliate income but so far – haven’t really optimized that yet.  I was very shocked at the amount of affiliate sale I did have – I got them through Amazon and I have rarely had a sale via that method.  It’s a guessing game every month to see if I’ll earn enough for a cup of coffee or not.  I think the withdrawal limit is pretty high so I have quite a ways to go until I can take that out from Amazon.

What questions do you have for me? Feel free to leave in the comments below or you can email me at  Thanks for reading!


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    I get Amazon gift cards from affiliate sales. I just add them to my Prime account and use them as I make purchases. I never thought about getting cash, but I did earn about $40 in December. I wonder if that would have been enough?

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