Trying something new – Blogging Financial Report for March

I’m a blogger and I follow up on the blogs of others.  There’s also a completely secret element to blogging.  Every conference I go to, they  talk about numbers, how many visitors you have visiting your site monthly (or daily), how many people follow you on all the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), how many repins you get.  But really, only those with exorbitant amounts of followers & visitors seem to disclose their numbers.  Not necessarily to brag, but they know that they are just proud of what they have accomplished. Everyone else?  We just say “we’re a small blog.”

What’s the definition of a “small blog?”  To me, it’s anything with under 10,000 page views a month.  A tiny blog is probably under 3,000.  But to me, those numbers don’t mean that is your value as an influencer.  I remember talking with Chelsea of Some Day I’ll Learn during the Pregnancy Awareness Event a few years ago.  I actually had met Chelsea years before that.  When Jon and I started Bubbalooch, I was looking to meet up with other cloth diapering mamas and I found Chelsea online and we were planning to meet up on a trip down to San Diego.  Timing didn’t work out but it’s just crazy how fate brings you back around to certain people.

Anyways,  at the event, we were talking about numbers.  At that time, I had just started making the switch of taking my blog from a hobby to something more.  I had about 600 visitors a month.  Chelsea had more, but she said that everyone will get there.  She said she remembers the day her blog hit 5000 visitors a month.  She said she was shocked and celebrated.  Each month, the more content you generate, the better you hone in on your writing style, the more people will find you, relate to you, and continue to read.

When I hit 5000 visitors in one month, I messaged Chelsea on Facebook to say how excited I was and to thank her for her kind words previously.

When I meet bloggers now, the topic of numbers always comes up.  We still never get too specific but many feel discouraged when they feel like all the brands only want to work with someone who has over 10k or 20k visitors a month.  I’m here to tell you – that’s not necessarily true.  There’s a big mix of what drives brands to reaching out to you and I always feel like the smaller guys will always work above and beyond the call to prove their worth.

So that’s me.  I’m a small blog.  I have on average (currently) 5,000 visitors (give or take on the month) visiting my blog each month.  When I write more, I see more visitors.  I don’t have a large following on Instagram but I have great discussion with those followers.  I share things I find, things I receive to promote, and photos about my family.  I love sharing our meal plans (which I’m TOTALLY slacking on at this moment) but I’m just a real person sharing my real life.  I’m not perfect, my kids are not perfect, we’re just real.

So, I decided to pull back the curtain to sort of explain what this blog turned business has become.  I’m not promising monthly updates because our lives are a bit crazy.  But feel free to comment and I’ll try to be as honest as possible.  But if you ask me something like “how did you get signed up with so and so” I probably will tell you I sincerely don’t remember.  I’ve been working on this blog since 2012 and my mama brain is just fried on some things 🙂

Financial Blogging Report | March 2015 |

So the information below is based on when the posts were completed, meaning that the money was “earned” but not necessarily received.  Some times I get it quickly, like a week (depending on the project & payment terms), sometimes it’s net 30, sometimes longer.  So, for simplicity, I’ll just reference when it’s been “made.”  Expenses will vary from actual spending to mileage that is reimbursable.  Yes, often there’s a lot of driving that’s completed for blogging and it’s important to keep track to write off at the end of the year!

Notes:  If it is payment in terms of a gift card, I’ll note “gift card.”  If the opportunity came through a blogging network, that will be noted with an * asterik)


Blog Posts

$685 cash earned
$100 gift card for product

Twitter Party


Affiliate Income

.41 – Viglink


$120 spent on products for blog posts.


95 total


I am a part of many affiliate programs.  But I’ll only list when I earn money.  41 cents? Geez! I can’t even pay an arcade game at the movie theater!

I don’t always generate income.  In fact, in January & February I made nothing.  And I had EVERYTHING come up for renewal in January (hosting, domains, online accounting software, etc)

So, here you go.  Some honesty.  Work hard, be nice, and opportunities will come.

See you next month!


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    This is awesome. I don’t think people realize that even though bloggers might be earning money, the expenses that go into running a blog can be pretty costly.

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    Thank you for sharing! I celebrated hitting 5000 uniques a month (about where I am still) and over 100 subscribers on youtube. I know it all seems slow but it’s getting their and I’m proud. I don’t often make money but for us we like the trips, tickets, and products because it helps drive our overall spending down.

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    I deeply respect your openness and honesty. I am new to blogging and my reasons for wanting it do well financially is to be able to help others through honoring my daughter. As a Type A personality, I want to see things move fast and I am learning quickly that it takes time. Not something foreign to me, but definitely something that I have to live with each and every day. And I shouldn’t be disappointed by the numbers just yet (or maybe ever!) You helped me see that. Thanks!

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    Thank you for your honest post. I am a teacher and blog as a ‘side’ hobby. I do get an email here and there asking me to promote a product or review something, but nothing huge.

    The thing about numbers drives me crazy, but as you said it, the more content you create the more visitors, etc you will have. It definitely takes time – I am still in awe that I am averaging 4000 +/- visitors each month. But I have to remind myself when I was happy to have just a 100 page views a month.

    Keep on writing –

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