Blogging Financial Report – June 2015

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Lifestyle Blogger Financial Report - June 2015

It’s summer!!! It’s officially Hot as Hades here in SoCal.  Every summer is always warm.  But adding in the extra element of being pregnant can make it even more uncomfortable.  But I digress. Let’s talk about June’s Blogging Financial Report!

So June was a busy month on the blogging front.  I had more personal posts than sponsored ones.  I typically post two times a week and try to keep only one sponsored.  I don’t like doing back to back posts of sponsored content unless I absolutely have to.  What’s considered sponsored?  Anything that I’m writing about that was paid for either with money or product or admittance somewhere.   This month I had only three – one was a recap of our trip to Illinois for my BFF’s wedding, another was receiving & trying out Pretzilla pretzels (delivered straight to you!!), and lastly was one trying out the new items at California Pizza Kitchen.

But month after month, my constant traffic drivers are this post on recreating Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee at home, and this one on finances.  I guess people are most often searching for Coffee & Saving Money 🙂 Which do go hand in hand if you’re making it at home!


Blog Posts

$800 cash earned

$230 payment via products

Affiliate Income


Printable Sales



$2.04 PayPal fees

$5.01 Facebook Ads


10 miles


I applied for a few other campaigns that I am really excited about and hoping to hear back soon.  Last month I did apply to about 5 different campaigns that I was not selected for.  Never give up and just keep plugging away at establishing great content. Scour your life to see what is going on and what you can write about.  I went to a local gift shop that specializes in homemade soaps & other bath items and did a quick post.  Great opportunity for them to get more visibility (they recently just opened) as well as boost my numbers for the month!



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