Blogging Financial Report – July 2015

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Blogging Financial Report - July 2015

August is here and I tried a few things out differently this past month.  One big thing is I decided to sign up for a 3-month Coaching session to discuss all that I do.  It’s not just for this blog (although that is at the forefront of discussion), but also encompasses me as an entrepreneurial spirit and all that stems from that desire to work.  Samantha from Neapolitan Creative has been working with clients for quite some time and has opened it up to a group of small business owners (bloggers, wedding professionals, anything you can think up) and while it is an expense, it’s more of an investment and I’m taking this opportunity to dive in before the baby arrives.

So for August, September & October – I will be working with her to figure out all the things that swirl around in this head.  I also went to a conference last weekend and sat in on a session regarding filming, YouTube, and beauty.  I have really discovered my love of speaking my story instead of just sharing in words on a screen.  I feel that it portrays my personality best, and also doesn’t hurt to talk about makeup and other fun stuff.

I also tried something new for a passive income generator for my blog.  I signed up for Adsense.  Full disclosure – I do NOT like blogs that are just bogged down with ads all over the place.  I am adamant of not turning this site into that.  So I tested some things out and I have just 1 ad at the bottom of every page.  So if you never scroll down far enough, you’ll never see it.  It’s also incorporated into my YouTube channel with those intro videos (that you can skip after 5 seconds). I feel 5 seconds is a good compromise. It costs a lot to maintain a blog and I feel like 5 seconds doesn’t hurt anyone. (Unless it’s 5 seconds spent on waiting for a page to load or the internet to regain connectivity. Then THAT is pure torture).

Let’s dive into things!


Blog Posts

$1000 cash earned

$89 product/gift cards

Social Media Campaigns

$75 cash earned

Affiliate Income


Printable Sales




$2.04 Paypal Fees

$15.00 Facebook Ads


331 miles



I had a huge jump in revenue thanks to some last minute acceptances on different blog campaigns. I’m super excited for both of them. I love when stars align and things you already love you can write your story about and earn some additional income.  If you’re a blogger – how are you continuing to persevere, and keep working hard for those campaigns & paid opportunities?


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