Blogging Financial Report – April 2015

You can catch up on my March Financial report here. 

Blogging Financial Report | April 2015

This past month has been VERY quiet on the blog.  I recently shared that we’re expecting our third child, and the nausea and all-day sickness has been kicking my butt. I only shared a few posts this past month, and those that went up were a challenge in and of itself. But, I really want to stay transparent for the good/bad/other of blogging and monetizing.  So, despite the quiet posts, here’s what I’ve been up to this month.


Blog Posts

$45 in product items

Printable Sales


Affiliate Income



$1.65 Paypal fees paid on printable sales

$20 Stitchfix fee (I didn’t include the entire items I purchased. but in a few months I will be earning ‘income’ referral credits that will be listed on my blog since I’m reviewing them ‘for free’)

$40.60 Facebook Ads (I lumped in March’s since I forgot to include that last month on the financial report)


122 total

A slow month but I always feel that I’m just not doing enough.  Do you, as a blogger, feel that way?  I check in on my blogging networks and apply to different campaigns that seem interesting to me.  But I always feel the lack of a gajillion followers is a hindrance.   I’m grateful for the brands and PR firms that actually look past just the numbers game and realize the content and interactions are what is important.

Recently I approached a brand I’ve worked with many times about becoming an ambassador.  I purchase the product on my own now (since I fell in love with it) and inquired about receiving the product directly from them, in exchange for posts once a quarter on my blog.  I figured I can share new sales/promotions they are having, or an update on how I’m loving the product.  They declined, but it still doesn’t stop me from being genuine & sharing both on and offline.  I feel eventually, that genuineness can lead to more opportunities.  And maybe this not now will lead to something better than I thought up down the road.

So keep at it! Keep sharing, building, and supporting one another!


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    Have you tried any affiliate marketing yet? Most I have tried have gone no where, but I am doing amazing with As my audience grows, I hope to make a $1K a month with it. So far so good! Pitching local events may not be your niche though. I have also started to work with and are seeing a little movement there. We will see where it leads.

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      I am a part of a few affiliates. I have only used links within relevant posts. Just don’t earn much :/ I don’t want to put ads in my sidebar but maybe I’ll try something with my popular posts. Thanks Jilleen! I’ll check out gold star too!

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    It was really interesting to me to see a “behind the scenes” look into your blog. In my blog I don’t really carry any expenses, but I also have no earnings either. I’ve been thinking more and more what my blog means to me, and the fact that I write what I want and at the pace I want is something I really enjoy… But then again, I’ve never had a very business oriented mind 🙂 I just love writing and sharing.

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