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This is an unsolicited review of CoSchedule. I’ve been using CoSchedule for 13 months and wanted to provide an update in exchange for a discounted subscription. 

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I’ve been a blogger longer than I’ve been a mother – or a wife for that matter. I started back in early 2008 to document all the fun items I found during the wedding planning phases of life.  It was all in fun to document – had no big plans for any monetization or even knew about that as an option.  During our journey to get pregnant with Aubrey, I started a second private blog to use as a venting place for the struggles and the frustrations.  I eventually merged (and edited) some of those posts into this blog.

When I had Aubrey, I attended my very first blogger conference in New York.  I was excited to learn about this entire new world of working towards having sponsored posts and working with brands and collaborating with other bloggers.  Back then, I had a lot more time since I had an amazing baby who went to bed early and slept all night long.  It was easy to create a blogging calendar, follow up with social shares, etc.

As time went on, life got busier, and my car became filled with more car seats.  Social platforms expanded and I tried all of them (at least once).  But having more kids, more platforms, and more sponsored posts, I ran out of time to really dedicate sharing all of these stories with folks through social channels.  I’d go through waves of being very good updating Facebook, and then shift more to Twitter, and then moving to Instagram.  Pinterest was one I never really jumped in to until very late in my blogging career.

I tried different scheduling tools – some were free – and some were way out of my price range.  During a call with a business coach, she suggested CoSchedule and I ended up signing up for a year. (You can read about everything here – and if you sign up, you can save 50%!) During that year, CoSchedule increased their platforms from just Facebook & Twitter, to include Pinterest, and most recently – Instagram.  While it’s been an incredibly important tool for my new posts I create, recently I’ve found ANOTHER reason to use it with all my old content.

 blogging efficiently - revamping old content - coschedule review update

I keep a very close eye on which blog posts are my most popular and are visited most often . I want to ensure that I’m doing whatever  I can to keep the content relevant as well as provide opportunity for passive income through affiliate marketing.  So here’s a little insight into how I update those old posts.

blogging efficiently - revamping old content - coschedule review update

I wrote that post in 2014 after attending my little sister’s 5th birthday.  I had linked some of the text to Amazon products, but I wanted to take advantage in November for Amazon’s Native Ads increased payouts (went up to 12% flat).  I went through and searched for 4 items that would be relevant for anyone wanting to have a Unicorn party.

blogging efficiently - revamping old content - coschedule review update

I originally had 4 native ads – so I’m guessing the 4th one isn’t being sold currently. Whoops. (It was a party in the box set for about 6 kids with hats, plates, etc).  I added this to the bottom of the post.  Through my WordPress dashboard, I also improved the keywords and included Unicorn Party a few times within the post.

blogging efficiently - revamping old content - coschedule review update

Why did I do this? Because originally everything was focused to a local park – Griffith Park.  That’s not relevant for a lot of people.  I wanted to have it relevant for more so I incorporated this additional focus in the post.

Now comes the handy tools CoSchedule offers. Once I am done with any of the updated posts, I scroll down and start scheduling social shares on all available platforms.  I set up Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and now Instagram.  I can schedule across a few different platforms for a few different timing options.

blogging efficiently - how to revamp old content and make it evergreen content

blogging efficiently - how to revamp old content and make it evergreen content

blogging efficiently - revamping old content - coschedule review update

PS The “Best Time” option is always my favorite as it will push out the posts at the most optimal times for my readers.

Still not convinced that CoSchedule will make your life easier?

Watch this quick video as it runs through some of the options for CoSchedule.

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

I highly suggest – if you’re looking for efficient ways to blog – that you try CoSchedule for the free 2 weeks and see how you can work more efficiently as well as revamp your old blog content!


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    Hi Melissa,
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    Super cool that you’re using CoSchedule to share out that older content you’ve written on your blog before! Glad we’re able to help!

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