Our crockpot dinner was SO delish. 32oz of salsa with a can of black beans (drained & rinsed), can of corn (drain & rinsed) and 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts. I forgot to defrost them so I threw them in there frozen. After being on low all day, I shredded the chicken, mixed it all up, and served it on flour tortillas. I shoulda bought cheese and sour cream to add to the burritos but oh well. Still good! Here's what it looked like when I left that day … [Read more...]

Wahoo! Weddings

My dear friends Matt and Nicole are getting married tomorrow. YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm lucky enough to get to help the bride get dressed that day, and I'm crashing the BM party and hanging out with all the girls while they get their hair and makeup done. I'm so excited. They're getting married at TPC in Valencia, CA - gorgeous venue (from what I hear). Can't wait to actually see everything firsthand. If you recall, Nicole is having a peacock themed wedding. She's got a great team of folks to help make the day perfect! Check out their blogs and support them! Maija Karin Photography- Primary Photog … [Read more...]

Finally can share

Last weekend, 8 lovely ladies departed on the Carnival Paradise for 4 days, 3 nights of fun to Ensenada. It was a lot of fun. We hit up Papas & Beer, saw a woman a little too old to be flashing the bar (but her hubby gave the green light), and told the little mexican kids to go to school and stop selling us chicle. They told us it was Saturday. WHATEVER! lol.So, prior to the weekend, one of the Bride's bridesmaids, Jen, and I worked on some shirts for all the girls to wear. I wanted to do something a little different from what I did for SIL's bachelorette party shirts, but I still had so … [Read more...]


So, I was loading up the Photobooth App on my Mac and realized I took some photos while I was getting ready on my wedding day. Below are some pics and videos. The b&w video is me discovering I could TAKE videos, and then the 2nd is more of a .... recap of events. … [Read more...]

Newest Member

I have been bugging DH for a kitty for months. I never thought I'd like cats until my ex-roomie had one that was so cute it hurt. Our last place didn't allow pets and now that we own our place, it was time to look for one! My friends as a joke gave me a bag of stuff for my bday for a kitten and even printed up the online info from one. After about 5 minutes of figuring out if it was true, they told us it was a joke.So, DH and I have gone back and forth over getting a kitty. He said no, I said yes. Finally, last Wednesday, he told me that he had contacted a few rescue places and told me that … [Read more...]

Is it true?

Is a clutter-free house a stress-free house? Um, I'd never know. I've been a clutter-bug my whole life. I can't help it. I love things and haven't lived in a place big enough to store them all :)But, after living in our 400 sq foot guesthouse for 2 1/2 years (which was swarmed with wedding DIY projects, gifts, school books, papers, and 4 guitars...) DH made me swear that when we had a bigger place, that everything had to HAVE a place.That's a challenge. But, I've tackled it fairly well. Luckily the coat closet was turned into an extra pantry so that has helped a LOT. Our office has been used … [Read more...]

Around Jamaica

On the way to our canopy tour, the hubs and I (along with the rest of the bus load of people) were shown parts of the city on the way. Our bus driver doubled as a tour guide and we saw some pretty crazy/interesting stuff. On the way back I took out the camera to take some shots of the city.The town "pharmacist's" houseRandom shopThere were so many houses that looked like this thereThe old plantation owner's house - what survived the fireCemetarySome of the graves had these decorative cages over them. Sorry for the blurred shotsLove this sign "You maybe dead wrong if you overtake … [Read more...]

Canop-wheeeeeee Tour

Ok so as a reward to myself for clearing off enough space to actually see the blue desktop of my very own desk (yay for no more coffee table/lap desk!) I have our pics from our excursion in Jamaica.We went to the lobby of our hotel and the people there had a variety of tours. We didn't know what to choose. They had horseback riding, canopy tours, river rafting, hiking, etc. DH has done the canopy tour while in Costa Rica, but I had never been. He was torn between horseback riding and the canopy tour. I wanted the tour because his aunt said it was SO awesome in Costa Rica. So, we made our … [Read more...]


So I was on a roll with all the pics and then BAM, the weekend hit. Sorry!I will be putting up more pics (including my fave - the zipline/canopy tour excursion!) but first I still have the following to do:* organize our office. DH was able to "earthquake proof" it this morning so I can finally set up my bookshelf. I have my study books for my MPA program and need somewhere to put them! I also need to find my desk. It's buried there somewhere!* finish my thank you's. This has been the toughie. I had way more to write than I anticipated and had every intention to complete them before the … [Read more...]

The views

The Sandals resort had some great landscape with signs by all the different trees, plants, and bushes that lined the walkways. The views at the beach were incredible too. As a girl who's only seen California oceans and brief views of some Mexican beaches, the trip to Jamaica was insanely gorgeous!The cool palm tree thing that I loved. It looks like a fish tail braid!Along the trip we also met some little creatures. There were a few too shy to be photographed, one include (what I guessed) a mongoose.Sand Crab. They had these EVERYWHERE.Hermit crab. This one was really big compared to all the … [Read more...]