Is it true?

Is a clutter-free house a stress-free house? Um, I'd never know. I've been a clutter-bug my whole life. I can't help it. I love things and haven't lived in a place big enough to store them all :)But, after living in our 400 sq foot guesthouse for 2 1/2 years (which was swarmed with wedding DIY projects, gifts, school books, papers, and 4 guitars...) DH made me swear that when we had a bigger place, that everything had to HAVE a place.That's a challenge. But, I've tackled it fairly well. Luckily the coat closet was turned into an extra pantry so that has helped a LOT. Our office has been used … [Read more...]

Around Jamaica

On the way to our canopy tour, the hubs and I (along with the rest of the bus load of people) were shown parts of the city on the way. Our bus driver doubled as a tour guide and we saw some pretty crazy/interesting stuff. On the way back I took out the camera to take some shots of the city.The town "pharmacist's" houseRandom shopThere were so many houses that looked like this thereThe old plantation owner's house - what survived the fireCemetarySome of the graves had these decorative cages over them. Sorry for the blurred shotsLove this sign "You maybe dead wrong if you overtake … [Read more...]

Canop-wheeeeeee Tour

Ok so as a reward to myself for clearing off enough space to actually see the blue desktop of my very own desk (yay for no more coffee table/lap desk!) I have our pics from our excursion in Jamaica.We went to the lobby of our hotel and the people there had a variety of tours. We didn't know what to choose. They had horseback riding, canopy tours, river rafting, hiking, etc. DH has done the canopy tour while in Costa Rica, but I had never been. He was torn between horseback riding and the canopy tour. I wanted the tour because his aunt said it was SO awesome in Costa Rica. So, we made our … [Read more...]


So I was on a roll with all the pics and then BAM, the weekend hit. Sorry!I will be putting up more pics (including my fave - the zipline/canopy tour excursion!) but first I still have the following to do:* organize our office. DH was able to "earthquake proof" it this morning so I can finally set up my bookshelf. I have my study books for my MPA program and need somewhere to put them! I also need to find my desk. It's buried there somewhere!* finish my thank you's. This has been the toughie. I had way more to write than I anticipated and had every intention to complete them before the … [Read more...]

The views

The Sandals resort had some great landscape with signs by all the different trees, plants, and bushes that lined the walkways. The views at the beach were incredible too. As a girl who's only seen California oceans and brief views of some Mexican beaches, the trip to Jamaica was insanely gorgeous!The cool palm tree thing that I loved. It looks like a fish tail braid!Along the trip we also met some little creatures. There were a few too shy to be photographed, one include (what I guessed) a mongoose.Sand Crab. They had these EVERYWHERE.Hermit crab. This one was really big compared to all the … [Read more...]

Jamaican me hungry

Our resort was so fantastic. It was all inclusive, and DH found a new drink - Steel Bottom (or bottle, not sure with the accent). It was a shot of spiced rum topped off with their Red Stripe beer. I was just fond of the cran-vodkas and the wine.The food at the places was good for the most part. At one place, they overcooked the food a bit, so the next night we asked one step down...and it was soooooooo raw! This post is dedicated to the food. And drinking. We met some people our age the first night and we all had a great time at the "piano" bar and then ended the night at the pub. The … [Read more...]

Honeymoon! Part 1

Well, for my bday, DH got me a new camera. And, with the move and everything, today's the first day I've had to upload pics. My bday party thing was over a month ago. I had 563 pics/videos to upload. Luckily the memory card was 4 gigs so I had plenty of space.DH and I left for our HM on a redeye, non-stop flight on Air Jamaica. It was 30 minutes late because 15 people were missing. We thought there was some connecting flight we were waiting for. Until we say 5 people wander in with bags of McDonalds. I don't think they had any concept of time.Anyways. The flight was ok. I tried to sleep, but … [Read more...]

Our condo pics

DH and I had our walk through yesterday and I snapped some pics. There's a few things that came up in the inspection, but none are dealbreakers. We're going to ask the bank for some money for the repairs (it's really minimal) but it'll be no big deal if they say no. And on to our photos!Garage...Front entryFront gatePatio area between house & garageKitchenLiving room w/fireplace"backyard" view (it's not technically a backyard, but it works)Guest bathroom tub (with jets!)Master bathroom shower (with dimmer lights!)So no pics of the rooms. They're just regular rooms. But I can't to paint. … [Read more...]

The wait is over!!

DH and I got the call around 5:30 that the condo is ours for the taking. We were so excited!!! It's gonna be a CRAZY busy month in December. But we're very glad to have a place to call our own before the end of the year!!!! Man, I know we only went through one offer and what not, but that waiting game is seriously the worse ever. Could drive a girl to drinking! lol. Can't wait for the next few months of decorating, parties, and just living my life with my husband in our own place. But one of my favorite things....TWO bathrooms. ha ha ha. … [Read more...]

I’m back!

And I'm married!No matter how many times you hear people say "make sure to take it all in!!" You just can't. After the ceremony, DH took me around the corner of our venue and we had a few moments alone. It was mainly spent saying "oh my god, we're married. WE'RE MARRIED!!" Everything was fantastic - weather was perfect, loved my makeup & hair, dress and all accessories were perfect (and I remembered all of them!!) and it was the best day I could have ever dreamed up.I'm waiting to post pictures till I get some back from our photog. She promised 3 weeks. She knows how anxious I get with those … [Read more...]