Step up your Pizza & Beer Nights – Best Father’s Day Gift

pizza and beer - fizzics and papa murphys

This is a sponsored post and may contain affiliate links.  I hope you read on and see how awesome this product is!   Since as far back as I can remember,  Friday nights were reserved for the Dells for Pizza and Beer night.  A few times in the first place we lived together, Jon and I did a DIY Pizza bar.  We had tons of toppings, and created whatever we wanted.  Beer always accompanied us.  Whenever we've had friends over for dinner, pizza and beer is an easy crowd pleaser as well.  After my journey to the Mom 2 Summit (Blogger conference that was held in Laguna Niguel in 2016), our pizza and … [Read more...]

Learning about Farm Fresh with a2 Milk®

Learning About Farm Fresh

This post was sponsored by a2 Milk® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.   Where we live - it's a short drive to almost anything.  Within an hour or so you can be at the beach, the mountains, farmland, even some wineries.  It's kind of an amazing location but we really don't take much advantage to take all the kids out.  I see my instagram feed filled with other families venturing out to different adventures but just the thought is kind of overwhelming.  There's stuff to pack, I don't want cranky kids, I … [Read more...]

Write The Word Review

write the word review

This post contains affiliate links Just before New Years, while nursing Ryan, I was checking out social media and stumbled on a post from Lara Casey about a new product.  I clicked over and read her post about her new products called Write The Word Journals.  The journals were on pre-order and I went back and forth if I should buy them.  I decided to think about my goals for 2016. Stay In The Word While I was pregnant with Ryan, I started attending Bible study again.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.  But after he was born,  the logistics was just too much to coordinate and I knew I … [Read more...]

Cashing in Their Tickets- Billy Beez

billy beez valencia

Remember a few weeks ago I shared about the reward system we created for the kids?  It's been working pretty well.  I told the kids once they earned 7  tickets (which means 140 stickers) - they could cash it in for a trip to Billy Beez.  Jon almost told them he was just going to take them on a no-plan Saturday, but quickly remembered the earned mentality. So on a Friday night, we told the kids it was time to see if they had enough to earn their trip.  He helped them count and sure enough, they had earned enough coupons Thursday & Friday to get them the last … [Read more...]

One week update – Ryan’s Plagiocephaly

plagiocephaly - 1 week update

Right before Ryan's 4 month ped visit, I noticed that one side of his head was a bit flatter than the other side.  I shared my concern with his ped and she authorized a consultation to do some 3D imaging on him.  Jon and I headed out to Pasadena to Cranial Technologies and Ryan had 5 cameras capture his entire 360* view to determine if he suffered from Plagiocephaly. What is Plagiocephaly?  Flat head syndrome.  There's a few reasons that can cause it.  Ryan's is what I lovingly call - 3rd kid syndrome.  Since Ryan is the smallest one - and he has two big loving (and wild) siblings, he finds … [Read more...]

How to save even more online with Groupon Coupons

How to use Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post but I always express my honesty. Thank you for supporting me and reading further. I'm sure if I threw out a question on Facebook asking Quick!! What's your go-to app for  finding deals?? I'd have about 95% of folks saying GROUPON! Groupon deals in Laguna Niguel But what if I told you there's an entire different component to Groupon to save you more on places you frequently shop at online?  While Groupon Coupons might be something unfamiliar by name - it isnt' unfamiliar by what it offers.  You know when you have some PayPal money sitting around (is it me, or is … [Read more...]

Battling the Four-titudes – Stickers & Reward Chart

sticker reward chart for preschool kids

Not sure about you, but we have a BAD case of the four-titudes. Like, attitudes, but, by a four year old.  This is compounded because her little bro loves to do whatever his big sis does - good or bad.  Jon and I have been struggling in the parenting department and just really wonder why there's no magical stork to drop off the golden handbook on how to decipher these creatures. i'm half kidding. So we both talked about what wasn't working and wanted to try something different.  I know Aubrey lives for stickers.  She and Luke are always coming home from preschool with a few on their shirt … [Read more...]

Paw Patrol Cardboard Vehicles

Cardboard Box Vehicles - Rocky's Trash Truck and Zuma's Hovercraft

Every year at the kids' preschool, they host a Father's Day drive in movie extravaganza.  The dads work with the kids to turn ordinary cardboard boxes into cars, trucks, planes, or even hover crafts.   Aubrey's first year Jon did a regular truck.  Her second year he created Marshall's (from Paw Patrol)  fire truck.  This year he had two to create since both kids now attend the preschool.  He asked them what they wanted and of course they said Paw Patrol! Jon did most of the work since this year he went and used spray paint instead of wrapping the boxes in wrapping paper. We also had to … [Read more...]

90 Second Review of the Mazda CX-3

90 second Review Mazda CX-3 Touring

This post is in partnership with DriveShop USA and Mazda.  A vehicle was provided to facilitate the review. All opinions are authentic! Before we had kids, I had a sedan.  I had upgraded from a 2 door to a 4 door while in college.  It was my first Big Girl car purchase and I signed on the dotted line by myself.  At the time, I just wanted some more space but wasn't really looking to keep the car any longer than 5 years.  12 years later, I wish I had told my 20-something year old self - get a vehicle that will last your lifestyle longer than 5 years! Being without a car payment is so … [Read more...]

How To Create A Diaper Cake TuTu

how to create a diaper cake tutu

For my sister's baby shower {click here to see my recap!} my cousin and I split up some different creative projects to use as decor for the baby shower.  While the theme of the shower was Sweet Pea and used gold, shades of pink, and green, the nursery is along the lines of lavender, gray and white.  For another friend's baby shower I created the  diaper cake and a tutu for her daughter to wear after.  I wanted to do the same for my sis, so I used varying shades of purple tulle. Custom onesie from Etsy. Not sure the seller because my cousin purchased it. Here are the items you'll … [Read more...]