Leaving the Dirty Work for Someone Else


One of my favorite things while I was pregnant was that my hair stopped shedding.  I've always had that problem my entire life - gifted with thick hair, but MAN the shedding.  My hair stopped shedding a few weeks into each pregnancy and kicked back in a few months after I had Aubrey and then Luke.  It meant that the bathroom would again be covered in hair, and well, the obvious place - the shower. My hair is a lot shorter than before, but it still sheds a lot.  I also wash my hair every other day, and I'm not sure if that helps or hurts the situation.  In some regards, it's better since … [Read more...]

How To Make a Headboard {featuring Devine Color}


  I can't tell you for how many years Jon has been wanting a headboard for our bed.  Each place we lived, however, had such a tiny space that it would have been out of place, not to mention, cramped.  The last rental had a long window that ran above the bed, so it acted like a faux-board which was cool.  When we purchased this home, and saw our master bedroom, we knew it was finally time to have a headboard.  We have vaulted ceilings in our room, and plenty of space to have a dramatic headboard. The question then became - what kind of headboard do we want? I searched on a few sites … [Read more...]

Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air + Infant Car Seat


Parents, I want you to envision something with me.  You have your adorable toddler, who is tiny and still has the little chunky hands & indents on their knuckles.  You give them a bath after dinner, get them in snuggly pajamas, kiss them goodnight and put them to bed.  You wake up in the morning, change their diaper and put on their freshly washed outfit they've worn time and time again...only to realize they grew 3 inches from when you kissed them last night, and when they woke you up this morning. How is that possible??? Now, you remember that you have to change out their straps on … [Read more...]

Meal Planning | January 26-31

Meal Planning January

Wrapping up January with a few favorites this week!  Stay tuned for my month recap on what worked, and what didn't, for our meal planning! Monday: Turkey Tacos with the fixin's and rice & beans purchased from Vallarta's Tuesday: Pioneer Woman's Bow-tie Lasagna Wednesday: Mac n cheese, chicken nuggets & a fruit or veggie Thursday: Fajitas Friday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes & corn or green beans Saturday: Turkey Burgers Sunday: Super Bowl!!! Crock pot Pulled Pork (based on the recipe in this meal planning) sandwiches, pizza, and making this pasta salad for … [Read more...]

Target Does It Again – Target HEALTHFUL™ App

Target Healthful App |Target Pharmacy

Once upon a time, I had a great memory.  In fact, a fantastic one.  But ever since going through pregnancy (twice) and mid-night feedings (twice) and toddler-hood (twice), all brain activity has turned into a sluggish old beat up computer from 1996.  I have to use my iPhone to remind me of appointments, my Simplified Planner for upcoming parties & events, and post-its for short-term reminders.  In fact, I was reminded a few weeks ago that I had Luke's 18 month appointment the next day, and I had NO recollection of even booking that months ago. Whoops! I'm a big tech person and I rely on … [Read more...]


Tonight I returned to something that I took a bit of a hiatus from.  Bible study.  I went to my first one after my mother-in-law invited me, just a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant with Aubrey.  So that was January 2011.  so today, wow. Four years later.  I remembered that first night - not knowing what to expect - not knowing many women there.  But everyone I met was nice, and encouraging and respectful.  They respected my shyness (which, I know, shocking to even think about) and were just so warm & nice to me. Today I sat next to a woman who was attending her first bible … [Read more...]

Meal Planning | January 19-25

Meal Planning | Melissa Dell

Almost at the end of the month!  This week, after last week's struggles, I was trying to be more mindful so not EVERY dinner becomes a battle. Monday: Slow-cooked BBQ ribs, lemon asparagus, chopped & baked potatoes (winging it with the asparagus. fingers crossed!) Tuesday: Ham & Cheese Roll-ups with Sweet carrots   Wednesday: I'm starting Bible Study again, so my mom will have the kids and a crowd pleaser - Mac n Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, with fruit Thursday: Broccoli & Ham egg bake Friday: 2 dishes based on one main ingredient.  Kids: Pasta Salad. … [Read more...]

Lemon roasted veggies

Lemon Roasted Veggies | Meal Planning

    I hated lemon growing up.  Absolutely despised it.  I didn't even like the smell of any cleaners or soaps that had lemon or even citrus.  I wonder if it's a phase we outgrow since my younger sister was the same way and now we BOTH love lemon.  I love lemon cupcakes & lemon frosting, lemon custard to use on scones, lemonade, lemon See's Candies, and cooking with lemons.  I just can't help it! It's so delicious and I am hoping to change the pattern of behavior and have my kids love it early on too. Although....that might backfire against me if they start sneaking my … [Read more...]

Meal Planning January 12-18

Meal Planning January

I'm really a bit behind so I'll have 2 posts this week with our meal plans.  This was last week's.  I'm going to be posting a month-end wrap up with what we thought of the dishes.  Enjoy! Monday: Skinny Taste One Pot Cheesy Turkey Taco Chili Tuesday: Skinny Taste Crockpot Chicken Cacciatori   Wednesday: Macaroni & Cheese with Chicken nuggets (read more on why, here) Thursday: Hawaiian Baked Chicken with salad   Friday: Grapefruit & Brown Sugar rubbed Tenderloin, mashed potatoes & Brussels Sprouts (new recipe coming … [Read more...]

Friday Night Lights – Warner Bros Mom Taping

Sweetsalt Toluca Lake - Fig & Bleu Cheese Salad with Salmon

Last week I had a pretty awesome opportunity.  Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I'm notorious for just jumping into conversations online. Oh heck, it's really anywhere.  If I see something interesting, and have something to share, I have a pretty bad habit of just jumping in.  So before the holidays, my step-mom, Beth Hall, gave us the heads up she got a call that Mom (on CBS), called to have her play a part in an upcoming episode.  I have seen Mom a few times - but when it first came on the air (it's currently in their 2nd season) - we didn't have cable and I only caught … [Read more...]