Crane USA – Kid & Adult Friendly Humidifiers (review)

Crane Train Humidifier Review

When I was at the Pregnancy Awareness event in May, something on the Crane USA booth caught my eye - an adorable choo-choo train. Luke is such a boy and loves all things that move - planes, trains, cars, trucks, etc.  He recently got his own little train set for his 2nd birthday and he's officially obsessed.  When Crane asked if I'd like to try out the Crane Train Cool Mist Humidifier (the first to launch in their transportation line) I might have yelled out YES!!!  I only had one worry - I'd never be able to get it out of Luke's room. Shortly after it arrived, we were fortunate … [Read more...]

Stitch Fix Maternity – Box Two!

Stitch Fix Maternity - empire waist stripe top

View my first box here! To recap, when I first saw that Stitch Fix was coming out with a Maternity Box version - I was SUPER excited.  (They've been around for more than 5 years curating boxes of clothing out across the US) I saw it unfold on Instagram and wished this was around when I was pregnant before. And Then... I found out I was pregnant again. I knew I had to sign up! I received my first box in April and loved all the items and loved that everything fit. SO important.  I scheduled my second fix to arrive about a month before I speak at a blog conference in San Diego (ConnectHer. So … [Read more...]

Blogging Financial Report – June 2015

Lifestyle Blogger Financial Report - June 2015

You can view all past months of blogging financial reports by clicking here. It's summer!!! It's officially Hot as Hades here in SoCal.  Every summer is always warm.  But adding in the extra element of being pregnant can make it even more uncomfortable.  But I digress. Let's talk about June's Blogging Financial Report! So June was a busy month on the blogging front.  I had more personal posts than sponsored ones.  I typically post two times a week and try to keep only one sponsored.  I don't like doing back to back posts of sponsored content unless I absolutely have to.  What's … [Read more...]

New Gift Shop in Santa Clarita – Mind, Body & Soap Co.

Mind Body and Soap Co - Santa Clarita, CA

My daily driving routine is pretty basic and routine.  It doesn't cover a large part of our valley, but every now and again I venture somewhere different and find something new.  I was driving to pick up some items for Luke's bday party and noticed that one of the building was getting a face lift from a dark brown to a creamy white.  The western looking building has been the same forever. Then, a few days later I was heading out to my little sister's birthday party and drove by the same building again.  I saw that the building paint was all done, but a new sign was up in place of another … [Read more...]

Heading Back to CPK – New Dishes & New Decor

California Pizza Kitchen - New Decor & New Dishes

Jon and I were invited to CPK to try out their new menu items as well as newly remodeled interior.  Opinions are ours. As you know, over the past few months, I've slowly been working on expanding my makeup collection - my outward appearance, if you will.  I've taken a bit more time with small details like lipstick, nail polish, and mascara.  It's a little bit of change that helps me feel better.  CPK has been doing the same sort of thing over the past few months.  If it's been some time since you've stepped foot in a California Pizza Kitchen, I suggest you schedule a … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Thank You Gift {craft}

kid friendly thank you gifts craft

The end of another school year has come, and it means gifts for teachers.  Aubrey attends a small preschool and without a doubt, all the teachers have had an influence on her time there.  I wanted to give thanks to the 2 teachers of her class, and we made 2 additional for the women in the office who also take good care of her.  She had a bad bout of eye allergies and all have given her eye drops (what a feat in itself!).  My mom had found something on Pinterest (of course) that involved layered soil and topped with a succulent.  The great thing about living in California during a drought - … [Read more...]

Fresh Pretzels At Your Service – Pretzilla

Pretzilla - fresh pretzels delivered to your door

Once the morning sickness subsides, ask any pregnant woman what she wants to eat.  ALL THE THINGS will probably be her answer.  Sometimes cravings are things she usually enjoys.  And sometimes they're very random and peculiar - ya know, like pickles.  Big 5 pound tubs of pickles.  (been there, done that). Last month I got the most amazing email in my inbox.  Pretzilla wanted to know if I'd like some fresh pretzels DELIVERED.  I love love pretzels.  When in St. Louis, I loved that every where we ate, there were pretzels on the menu. I loved mine with a side of yellow mustard (but I'd never … [Read more...]

Is Chivalry Dead?

is chivalry dead - becca rillo photography

This morning, on the way back home after taking Aubrey to school, Go Country 105.1 was asking the question - Is chivalry dead?  Apparently someone called in to ask and I don't know who first brought up the question (they tease a question about 30 minutes before they go to the phones).  Debra - married co-host with kids - said her husband still opens doors for her, and does other acts and she appreciates these gestures.  Graham - unmarried, dating but not with a girlfriend co-host - says he still acts this way and if a woman he's dating doesn't appreciate or like it, then he knows it's not a … [Read more...]

How The Stomach Flu Helped Luke’s Toddler Bed Transition

Toddler Bed Transition - Round 2

It seems like just yesterday I was getting the room ready for Luke's arrival and working to transition Aubrey to her toddler bed.  Aubrey was younger than Luke is now, but she transitioned fairly well and used that guard rail to keep her in for a long time.  Even when we moved to the last rental and she had her own bed, it was still a comfort for her and she never climbed out or over it (although be certain she could very well master that). When we moved into this house, she used the toddler bed for a few months while I prepped her twin bed (sand & paint) - which I still have never … [Read more...]