Trying New Beauty Products (and how to save cash doing so)

Trying New Beauty Products

I shared that image on Instagram a few weeks ago.  As mentioned before, I dove head first into trying new beauty items after my birthday.  I don't know why but it started with wanting to try a new makeup foundation.  My skin gets fairly dry during winter and I wanted a good foundation.  My friend Chris has been using the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation for awhile (and recently switched to their BB cream for a lighter coverage.)   Oh and I guess it really started while watching a YouTube video from Long Story Short over these Tarte Kiss & Belle deluxe LipSurgence set.  That night I went on … [Read more...]

In My Beauty Arsenal – Pevonia

Pevonia Skincare

Once upon a time I really wanted to be a wedding planner.  I actually have done a wedding, with my BFF, for one of her BFFs (who is now also one of my friends!).  We were brilliant at it because we thought up of everything we might need, and seemed to have everything on hand as things popped up.  I suppose that is the mark of a good wedding planner - always being prepared.  My purse is also like that.  It actually is a Mom thing, because ask any mom for something totally random and chances are, we have it.  The bottom line with both of these situations is always having something on hand even … [Read more...]

First Impression – Physician’s Formula Eye Booster {instant lash extension kit}

Physician's Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

I've got a whole slew of posts coming up focusing on beauty and makeup.  It's been awhile since I've stepped of my usual routine to add a new product.  But ever since turning 33, I have been drawn to adding something new every few weeks.   This latest edition - the Physician's Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit - literally just fell in my lap as I was provided some to try out from Physician's Formula thanks to Sway by Conde Nast.  Here's my first impression video.  I'll be using it for a few weeks before I give my ultimate review.  Enjoy!   You can currently purchase … [Read more...]

Adding Pops of Color with Our Garden

Farmer Dells - Our Front Garden

Last week I wrote about some of my February goals, and how working on something one small step at a time will build up into more steps being taken, and eventually, you're done.  Well, I took that February list and just did the things this past weekend.  Diabolo is running their #SwapSoda2015 campaign to take one thing and switch it up for something different.  For me, it's getting things done because I have a whole laundry list of stuff to do. Whenever I think up projects to involve the kids, I get a bit ambitious on what they'll finish.  I shared this on Instagram two weeks ago and it … [Read more...]

Swap One Thing

Diabolo | SodaSwap2015

It's taken me some time, but I realize that if I need to get anything done, I have to write it down.  It's not just the visual aspect, but it's also to help me remember.  My memory is AWFUL.  I blame the kids (cute and adorable though!).  I started tracking out my To Dos for every day - no matter how big or how small - so  I can see what I need to do, prioritize it, and mark it off when I'm done.  It goes along with some of the other things you hear people talk about - putting things out into the universe, mind mapping, and I know there's another but my mind, again, is drawing a blank.  See, … [Read more...]

Keeping the Kids Entertained – Our #DisneySide party

DisneySide Minnie Bow-tique Nail Salon

Do you remember your first Super Bowl Party? I don't remember the exact one, but I do remember going, as a kid, and just being bored.  We paid attention to commercials, enjoyed the food, and lived for the football squares to win some dollars.  Each year, same thing. So with our first Super Bowl Party, we wanted to keep it small, but fun for the kids.  We invited some families from church, and I let them know it WOULD be kid friendly!  We received a super awesome#DisneySide box for activities with the kids and I had fun throwing together a small themed party for them.  I had so much fun … [Read more...]

Meal Planning February 8-14

Meal Planning | February

Trying out a new dish this week (well, I actually already made it since I'm a bit behind in sharing.  It definitely needs some tweaking - it's Monday Night's dish). Do you go out for Valentine's day? We don't.  We never have, actually.  We started a tradition of cooking a really good meal at home and enjoying some drinks.  Way cheaper and way safer.  Now with the kids, we still do something but you just honestly never know how it'll work out.  I'm almost wanting to just buy them a hamburger from Wendy's since I know they like that so we can enjoy dinner in peace.  It's really been … [Read more...]

Meal Planning February 1-7

Meal Planning | Febraury

So behind on sharing our meals but here we go!  (Oh, and if you want to see how January's meals went, view this post.) Monday: Leftovers - Pork Quesadillas, Pork Tacos (With Super Bowl the night before, we had a lot of pork left over!)  I added avocado to the quesadillas and it was so good! Even the kids enjoyed it. My mom asked why I never take a photo of Jon's food. So I did. It's a leftover night. But avocados were ripe & on sale. Still have to #mealplan for this week. Didn't get a chance yesterday with Super Bowl. #dellmealplanning A photo posted by Melissa Dell … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of My Adult Acne – Belli Skincare

Belli Skincare - How To Help Combat Adult Acne

Sometimes, we don't realize how bad something is, until we look back at photos.  I remembered taking this photo, our first grocery trip outing, when Luke was born. I had Luke in the Ergo, and Aubrey in the shopping cart (with her super awesome Munchkin snackcup.)  When I took this pic and shared it on Instagram, I applied a TON of filters.  But, no filter was truly going to cover that mess of a face with all the acne.  I've always struggled with acne - nothing major, but just always there. Very stubborn stuff. If I had to pinpoint the point in time in which I became concerned enough … [Read more...]

Meal Planning Recap – January

#DellMealPlanning - January Recap

When I worked on my goals for 2015, one was to work on recapping our meal plans.  You can follow along on Instagram (@melissa_dell) since on most nights, I post a photo of the food, and usually add some sort of tidbit.  But, I've got my Simplified Planner open, and ready to call out some of the stars of the months, and some of the flops! Our top favorite dishes were the .... Turkey Tortellini Turkey Taco Chili Mac Grapefruit & Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin (with lemon roasted veggies) Our stand by favorite is the Pioneer Woman's Bow Tie Lasagna (one of these days I'll … [Read more...]