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So my friend Maria posted this last night. And didn’t realize this was a “sunday” thing, but I make my own rules on the blog!

How did you come up with your blog name? 
This is kind of funny. But seeing as how it’s not technically my birth name, but my married name, I’ll have to say I found hte man of my dreams and the rest is history! No seriously, why did I make the switch to using my own name? For years I had so many blogs, all under different URLs. Last summer I just got fed up and decided to streamline everything, and I’m a bit conceited (ha ha I kid) and figured using my own name is as good as any. Also makes it easier for Twitter & Instagram! (@melissa_dell for both!)

What is your favorite thing about blogging? 

I like that it can take you anywhere. You can write about whatever you like, have it read by anyone practically anywhere, and you can also always find someone that’s been there.  I’ve posted about my wedding journey (no longer on here), business ventures, trying to conceive, my miscarriage, my pregnancy, and our baby.  It’s an online diary and connects me to so many others.  In fact, it’s taking me to BlogHer this year in NYC!

What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without? 

 Recipes! I used to check the cooking sites, but then I discovered Bloggers do it Better (mainly, Ree Drummond) and since then I turn there first. I love that they will tell you what works, what didn’t, how they changed something, and also, PHOTOS!

Facebook or Twitter? and why? 
Twitter, hands down. I feel there is so much direct contact that is able to be made, and quicker. I use it for quick questions, dialogue, customer service. I’ve met so many women from across the country. Facebook is for some networking, but really, Twitter is where it’s at!
If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be? 
Rachel McAdams. Cuz I just think she’s fab.
What is something you want people to know about your blog? 
I go back and forth all the time with postings. Sometimes I post a lot, about things I’m doing in life, and about Aubrey. Other times it’s a lot about Aubrey, and a little about everything else. And sometimes I go quiet because I’ve got lots going on and just can’t find the time to blog. Plus I love including photos and sometimes I slack on getting those online. It’s almost Father’s day and I still haven’t gone through the images from Mother’s day. Whoops!
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