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Earlier this year, Jon and I were dying to sell our condo, and find a 3 bdrm to rent to have some space when the little one gets here. Except we quickly realized we were getting ahead of ourselves and needed to take a step back.  After much consideration, we’ve decided to stay at least another 1-2 years. Our goal is to move out and have a much bigger place before baby #2 (and honestly, not sure when that would even be).  But we needed to make our current condo (all lovely 893 sq feet of it!) to work better for us.  This involved a short list of what we wanted to do. First was figuring out room layouts. We have both of our desks in our office, and then we had our bedroom. But we needed to fit a nursery somewhere.  The solution? Adding Jon’s office space to our bedroom, and adding a nursery to the office.  A Swap-a-roo!

I measured, designed, and moved around the options we had for our bedroom and office.  The bedroom only had one option. Oops.  With our slider door, and closet, our wall space was minimal.  Below is our new configuration!


The door on the bottom left leads to our bathroom, the one on the bottom right is the entrance.  Some of jon’s guitars will be showcased on the wall (like they are currently in our office) and the rest will be below in stands.  That pack n play will only be there for a short period, until we transition baby girl into her room.

Now for the nursery/office.  With Bling Diva Designs, I needed to still have my desk set up, along with having the storage of my supplies.  We figured that while I couldn’t crystal while she’s sleeping, we could at least leave everything in here and I can work on it in the kitchen like I used to do, before I had this space.  We also would be moving out some of the current furniture, and moving in the nursery stuff.  Here’s the option we loved most (we had 3 to choose from)


Thank goodness there’s a power source in the closet. This will help tremendously with the printer set up.  The cubby (or dresser) will house the changing area. Most likely it will be on top of the dresser.  The tv position was mainly to be used while I’m nursing, or rocking her to sleep. (or napping in it? I don’t know. the chair is pretty comfy!).  We’re going to be painting the top half of our office (right now the top half is a baby blue, bottom is dark brown) and I’ll be working on designing some decals to put up to make it more of her space, and not mine.’

There’s a few other projects we’ll be completing (some are done but will post later) and we’re setting up to do this big move 4th of July weekend!!!


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    I love it!! Can’t wait to come by and see it all put together 🙂 Let me know if you need help organizing…I’d be more than happy to help with that, haha!

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