Best Weeknight Dessert – 5 Minute S’mores!

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Best Weeknight Dessert - 5 Minute S'mores

On Mother’s day, after we got home from church, Aubrey was busy playing by herself and eventually I realized what she was up to.  She was parading around the house, announcing that she was going camping, and we were too, and started packing up Luke’s backpack with “marshmallows,” “flashlights,” and a “tent.”  She told me to follow her and we set up camp in Luke’s room and she handed me the “marshmallows” to roast.  We haven’t been camping since October, and that was also the last time she’s had a s’more.  And the last time I HAD a s’more. It’s my favorite treat. I knew this would be a great weeknight dessert for the family so I decided to surprise the family with all the fixins to make the best s’more ever.

Best Weeknight Dessert - 5 Minute S'mores

I went to a different Walmart than I normally shop at, and was stoked to find all the s’more stuff in one place. And YOU GUYS! One of the things that bother my Type-A personality is the breaking of graham crackers. They seem to hate me and never crack right in the middle.  But Honey Maid have ones in SQUARES so you don’t have to do anything other than open up the package.  I was so happy. (It’s the little things, let’s be honest)  I wasn’t sure if I’d tell Aubrey right away about the s’mores since we’re trying to make sure she has good behavior for special treats.  After I picked her up from preschool on Monday, I saw she was good and she was a good listener at home.

So, once Jon came home, I told her we were having a surprise – a camp-out!  Obviously, not overnight but that didn’t stop us from setting up our tent before dinner.  Jon was a trooper setting it up for the one hour the kids enjoyed it 🙂

Best Weeknight Dessert - 5 Minute S'mores

Best Weeknight Dessert - 5 Minute S'mores

How adorable are the little adirondack chairs??  Earlier in the day, I tested out a few methods to make our s’mores outside.  We don’t have a fire pit so it was the first time I would use our grille.  Best Weeknight Dessert - 5 Minute S'mores

I started each s’more with the graham cracker on the bottom, and marshmallow on top.  The big thing with putting the graham crackers on the grille was that they got super soft.  The 3rd one actually burned from the flame (despite it being on low) and the 1st stayed the same color but bent when trying to pick up.  The marshmallows on 1 & 3 came out the best – they heated up quickly but didn’t really get the golden brown color you traditionally find with a campfire s’more.  The 2nd marshmallow took forever to heat up, and this graham cracker didn’t get as soft.  I decided to skip all three methods when it would be time to make s’mores for the family.  I went more of the traditional route and put all the marshmallows on a long skewer to cook at once and have all ready at the same time.

Before I roasted them on the grill – I lined up my plate with the graham crackers and chocolate pieces and the topper.  As soon as the marshmallows were nice and toasty, I used the top graham cracker to slide each one off and make the best s’more ever.

Best Weeknight Dessert - 5 Minute S'mores | on the grill

Aubrey said, just before bedtime, that it was the best s’more ever.  She is definitely my daughter 🙂  This is such an easy method to make that I might just enjoy another one this weekend 🙂

Best Weeknight Dessert - 5 Minute S'mores


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    I LOVE S’Mores! This summer I am planning a big bonfire with my nieces and nephews and totally looking forward to making S’mores! YUM YUM! BTW have you tried the Starbucks S’mores frap, its so yummy! 😛

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    What a fun way to enjoy s’mores! I’ve never made them on a grill before (we’ve done the oven and a fire pit) but this looks like it’s so easy we’ll have to try it this weekend! Thanks! #client

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