The Best Sunday Funday

Some days are best spent outside, with friends, food, and mimosas.  This Sunday we had 6 kids aged three and under hanging out outdoors all day. When it got too sunny in the backyard, we packed up and headed to the front yard.  I’ve never seen Aubrey so dirty between the remnants of chalk from the artwork she created all over the concrete, to the mud because we forgot to turn off the sprinklers last night.  Jon did all the cooking (I just made the pancakes) and we both did all the entertaining.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and for no naps for most the kids, there was surprisingly few meltdowns (win win!)



I posted this photo on Instagram of our Wine Charms.  We realized when we moved that we must have tossed the charms we had before.  At a recent Target run, I spotted these “wax seals” that have a tiny suction cup on the back.  They were under $10 and worth it since you can use it on any glass INCLUDING stemless! wahoo!

What did you do this weekend? Did you find time to relax? 

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