Best Concert for Kids – Shushybye Performing at Universal Citywalk


Remember when I wrote about our love for the Shushybye band?  We finally were able to make it to their April performance and wanted to share this quick write-up for you! First, I’m completely jealous of Aubrey’s first concert experience.  (Mine was Yanni).  She got to see her favorite band, center stage, in the “mosh pit” and even got to take photos with the band.  Oh, and it was an intimate crowd so she even got to dance right along with Michael North.   That is him in the photo below.  We arrived early because I didn’t realize the concert started at 11, and not 10:30.  But he came out and we grabbed a quick photo with him and we also met the creator, Steve Syatt. As the show started, Steve came out and talked about how they really are a big family and they love to see the kids and families get to enjoy their music.  Steve was also pretty awesome on stage too (He helped play along with the Shushybyes).
Shushybyes - Jon Lovitz Comedy Club - Universal Citywalk - Michael North


As the characters came out, they had a jumbo screen behind them playing along with the music and acting of the characters.  These scenes were also on the DVD we have so Aubrey and Luke were familiar.  I wasn’t sure how Aubrey would do seeing the characters in person.  One, being that they were actually in front of her, and two, you never know reactions with larger than life characters. BUT – Aubrey was amazing and literally screamed and RAN towards them as they came out.  It was probably the cutest thing ever.  It was that moment where I felt pretty cool to be a blogger and get an opportunity like this to share with my kids.

Shushybyes - Jon Lovitz Comedy Club - Universal Citywalk


Now, you might think that just Aubrey would have a great time. But, no. Luke was just as excited and would not let us hold him.  After realizing how gross the floor probably was (not just for him sitting on it, but he did face dive a few times to, uh, help clean it??) I grabbed a chair for him to use as support and dance with.  Worked like a charm. Bonus was that it also served as a drum for him (and later, Aubrey).



Luke enjoying the Shushybye Concert at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk

Luke enjoying the Shushybye Concert at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk


As you might be able to notice – Aubrey never stood still. Girlfriend ran, jumped, clapped, boogied for the full 45 minutes of the show.  And it made for an AMAZING three+ hour nap later 🙂  I love that the concert is in the morning as we were able to grab lunch after and still make it home for naps. Everyone napped. That, my friends, is a parenting win 🙂

Aubrey enjoying the Shushybye Concert at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk

The Dells enjoying the Shushybye Concert at Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk

After the show, we were able to grab photos and we had a large group one, but another kid was also in it and I don’t feel right posting that without his parents’ consent.  But it was truly a great time and Jon and I enjoyed ourselves as well.  I might have also been singing along.  Aubrey created her own choreograph for a few of the songs and was proudly showing them off as well.  The Shushybyes perform at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal Citywalk the last Saturday of each month.  It’s upstairs from Johnny Rockets (where we ate after) and has some outdoor area for the kids to run around prior to the show.  Hope you can make it!


For more information on tickets (Which are $20 or $30 to include children’s lunch) visit the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club site. Or you can also reach them by phone – 818-824-6545.  I would just recommend the regular tickets as the kids will be having WAY too much fun dancing to eat their lunch!

Thank you, Shushybyes, for letting us attend this concert with our kids! We had a blast!!

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