Best Coffee Tumbler Ever {says me}

Do you remember the first time you had coffee?  I never drank coffee during high school, or even college.  The closest I came was to the french vanilla coffee machine in our college cafeteria.  You know the kind – it’s made from a powder, lots of hot water, and more resembles hot cocoa than coffee.  I don’t think it has any real caffeine but I loved the taste.   I did enjoy frappuccinos every now and then but it wasn’t a cup of joe.

The first time I truly had coffee was when I started at my current job almost 9 years ago.  I decided to be all awesome and buy/make vanilla coffee for the office and my coworker came in and said What did you make? I can smell it from the parking lot.  Apparently it was a tad too sweet of a smell, although the taste didn’t match it.  I then learned about the amazingness that are coffee creamers (Coffeemate is the only one I love.  I’ve tried a few others but they’re just not the same.) and my coffee addiction snowballed to what it is today.

As a mom, with eradic sleep patterns of a newborn, I was so excited to jump back on my full-caffeine strength coffee. But each time I’d pour a cup at home, it’d get cold way too fast and I’d be in a constant struggle to gulp it down while it was too hot, or re-heat in the microwave and take each sip begrudgingly as it tasted nasty.  There’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee with just the perfect amount of creamer.  But a microwave quickly ruins that.  What was my option – make a whole pot and only pour a tiny bit at a time? Keep tossing the cold coffee and replenish it to keep the good taste going?

Add to this the mobility of a baby.  Not in the sense of Aubrey walking around, but just flailing extremeties while trying to drink is enough to give someone a heartattack.  Can’t let it get on the baby! I spilled more than my share of coffee on myself and IT’S PAINFUL.  I started using coffee tumblers at home to avoid any burns.  But it seemed I was still having cold coffee and you can’t stick those in the microwave.  {Side story: When Jon and I were dating, we had an argument over putting them in the microwave. He said he used his Starbucks one all the time in there. One day we put it in there, turned it on, and SPARKS! He always put it in and walked away and had no idea what was going on. Oopsie!}

But last Christmas my coffee addicted life was changed forever.  My mom gifted Jon and I a matching set of tumblers.  My first thought was not one of extreme excitement.  It was one of sadness as I knew it meant Jon would make us purge one of our old tumblers.  One for One.  I quickly ran through my head which one I’d toss. I had just purged one and I really felt the last 2 I had were my favorites.  I didn’t use her new mug for awhile, honestly.  I think it took me over a week to actually look at the box.

My eyes went to one thing: Keep Drinks Hot for 4 Hours.  Record screech – WHAAAAAAAAAAT????  Jon and I said No Way. So we tested it.  That next Sunday there was an announcement at church – they were short staffed for the 2nd service nursery.  I decided to volunteer.  That morning I left the house at 7:30, attended service from 8-9:15, then watched a group of babies from zero to 2 years from 9:15-10:45.  I had my usual coffee in the morning and was shocked at how hot it was at during the church service.  Almost too hot to even enjoy.  During the nursery watch, I barely had time to drink any.  I walked out at 10:50 and took a sip of coffee. IT WAS STILL HOT.  Not scalding hot. But hot enough for me to drink the rest of it before the magic disappeared.  I poured my coffee at 7:30 and almost 3 1/2 hours later it was still hot.

In the words of AJ – mic drop, walk off stage.  Life changed FOREVER. Since that Sunday, I have used that coffee tumbler every single day.  It’s now October.  That’s almost 10 months of repetitive use.  With two kids, it’s a requirement. I need my caffeine. But I can’t always get to enjoy it right after I pour it.

And now, let me introduce you to the amazing coffee tumbler that I’ve grown so attached to.


*says me

The Contigo Coffee Tumbler is revolutionary.  The newest model (as seen here) claims to keep your beverage hot for 5 hours.  The press-button valve has a LOCK so you don’t accidentally open it & spill it (also a great feature if your kid figures out how to press it open).  It keeps drinks cold for 12 hours.  I’ve never tested this. Mine has only had hot liquids in it. BUT I do have testimony from a trusted source on the cold function.  She had hers, with some ice, and liquid in her car for 6 hours.  She went to take a sip – STILL COLD, STILL HAD ICE.  And SoCal summers are over 100* outside, and probably close to 150* inside a vehicle. I might exaggerate – I don’t really know – but it’s HOT.

Target sells them, Sears sells them, ours are from Costco.  It’s a 2 pack for an insane price – but they fly fast. I have another one coming to me for Christmas (my mom told me so I didn’t buy another set for Jon and I when I got this one to give away).  When I go to Starbucks – I pour my coffee into it.  (Now, before you go all crazy on me for wasting a cup, this is when I go through the  drive-thru. Cuz ain’t no one got time to go in, with 2 kids, when you need a latte).

So, buy one TODAY. OR, first enter to win and if you don’t win, go buy one. It’s a game-changer folks. This mug is my gift to you, one lucky winner. Contigo didn’t give one to me, although they should thank me for how many local peeps I’ve turned onto them.  (psst Contigo – just in case you were reading this, THANK YOU FOR MAKING SOMETHING SO AMAZING!)

So enter, win, love it.

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