Being Thankful This Week

We’re heading into Thanksgiving (and black friday, cyber monday…) but after last week, finding thanks is easier.  Last week was a bit chaotic and I’m thankful for a flexible job because I was at home all week with Ryan since my mom was super sick.  She takes care of him while I am at work, and so when she’s down, I have to step in.

I’m thankful for the week as we were heading into his first birthday (another post for another day).  I got to spend so much time with him, and he was such a big helper as we prepped for his party.  He’s the sweetest thing and I laughed each time Aubrey asked me if when he woke up (on his birthday) if he’d be walking and talking. lol.

becca rillo photography

{photo from our family shoot – by Becca Rillo Photography}

I’m also thankful for the kids’ preschool that just love on them and nurture them.  I’m thankful for their feast last week and all the amazing food that the families brought in.

img_7975.jpg img_7976.jpg

All the kids had made either pilgrim hats or turkey hats.  Luke refused to wear his.  But, I did bring it home and it’s pretty adorable.  He doesn’t really like to do art so any thing he spends more than 2 minutes on is pretty remarkable.

We got to spend some time on the playground together and each of them was showing off their favorite areas.


Luke’s favorite area is the truck depot.  He brought these two out to show off.  Inside the truck area there’s also a lot of gravel for the trucks to pick up and move around.


One of Aubrey’s favorite things is the swing.  She wanted me to push her higher and higher.  I’m glad that she also has learned how to pump her legs on her own.  That’s a true life skill!

img_7980.jpg img_7979.jpg

She also wanted to show off her strength and skills with the monkey bars.  Luke REALLY wanted to do it as well, except he can’t until he’s four. Rules are rules!

After they were done playing, the bell rang and it was time to clean up.  After they helped a bit, I scored these hilarious up close shots.  My kids are complete goobers.



I also have to say, I’m so thankful for the new camera I got last year.  It’s made capturing great moments a breeze. It’s also what I use to film my videos. I really suggest it! My sister got the same one and she finds it super easy to use.  (if you’re interested in checking it out – here’s an affiliate link through Amazon: Canon G7x Powershot)

I’ve been stalking Pinterest for some activities to keep them busy next week.  They’re off Wednesday-Friday and I think we’ll be making some Snowmen! And then we can finally decorate for Christmas!!!

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