Becoming a Minivan Mom – 2015 Kia Sedona

Our family was given the opportunity to drive the 2015 Kia Sedona for a week thanks to DriveShop and Kia Motors. All opinions are mine.

2015 Kia Sedona Review Minivan Mom

Many many years ago, a friend of mine was working for Enterprise (he still does) and I was looking to make the leap from a sedan to an SUV.  I was on a limited budget, but wanted something that was stylish, had lots of features, didn’t cost a fortune, and held up well.  Since the rental car market goes through a ton of vehicles a year, I asked him what his thoughts were on different SUVs.  The first thing he told me was to check out the Kia Sorento.  I had never heard of Kia up till that point and a few weeks later, my BFF was visiting and actually had one as her rental car.  I thought it was ok, but the overall aesthetic didn’t wow me.  I kept looking.

The following year, when it came time to seriously look into SUVs, I went back and looked up the Kia.  It was 2009 (end of the year) and I was looking for a new 2010 model.  I couldn’t find Kia.  There was no 2010 year. Was it a leap year for them? What was going on?  I searched and saw that they actually completely redesigned the entire SUV and it was hitting the market in January of 2010, but was going to be considered a 2011 vehicle.  Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever I find out that something is coming and I can’t even SEE what it looks like – it makes me crazy excited for what is coming.

I waited and waited and finally when I saw it was hitting dealerships, Jon and I drove an hour north to the nearest one to drive them.  I feel in love. I couldn’t believe what the exterior looked like (so different than what my friend had!) and the standard options were amazing.  Best of all? The prices were crazy affordable.  We left that day with a new one and I have loved it ever since.

So, when we found out we were expecting Baby Dell #3, I was pretty bummed we officially outgrew my SUV.  It does have 3rd seating, but I need trunk space.  Have you tried to fit baby gear in a car?  It’s difficult. There’s a lot. And it doesn’t always fold compact.  If we ever wanted to go on vacation, there’s no way we could fit everything on the roof rack.  I knew we were branching into Minivan Mom territory.  I hadn’t seen any Kia Minivans on the road, so I figured they didn’t exist.

That statement is partially true.  It was a regular part of their lineup for many years.  But between 2012 and 2015, they didn’t make them.  After the 2012 year, it was taken off the market and after a full redesign similar to the one the Sorento went through (as well as many other models in their fleet), it came out brand new.  And my goodness is it gorgeous.  Here’s a YouTube video of clips of our journey with the Kia Sedona during our last week of Summer Vacation.


We drove this thing all over.  I originally wanted to add in the newborn carseat to really see how things were with 3 kids, but I was honestly worried that someone would think I left the baby in the car and didn’t want anyone calling the cops or breaking windows.  But, I’m officially in love.  The sliding doors is life changing with little ones, and I love that the Captain Chairs go forwards & backwards AND in and out.  What’s that mean? You can make the center aisle wide or narrow – depending what you need.

The trunk space offers quite a bit of space and can easily fit a stroller standing up.

2015 Kia Sedona Trunk Space

You can also fold flat the entire back row (if you have no carseats installed, obviously).

2015 Kia Sedona fold flat third row

See that glowing thing on the far right? It’s a removable flashlight.  Little stuff like that just gets me giddy!  The 360 optional camera to assist with parking is a must-have. I can’t tell you the number of times we check our parking job each weekend at church.  It’s amazing and it should seriously be standard for EVERY vehicle.  I can’t wait for us to be able to welcome our 3rd little one and fit everyone comfortably in the Sedona when we’re finally able to purchase one next year.

Thank you Kia Motors & DriveShop for this opportunity.  Sure, test driving a vehicle can give you the basic idea of how easy it is to steer, and check out features.  But having the vehicle become a part of your life for a week is wonderful as you can really see what works and what doesn’t work! Ack, can’t believe I’m going to be a Minivan Mom 🙂

2015 Kia Sedona Minivan Mom


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