Lead By Example – Daily Bible Devotional with Beautiful Word Bible



Lead By Example - Daily Bible Devotional

I remember a time that the only time my bible saw the light of day was Sundays at church.  Then that expanded into the nights I attended bible study at our church and when I did the homework for it.  My bible started seeing more light of day and within the past year I’ve really been working hard to set an example for my kids to see me reading at home.

At church, Jon and I are in the sanctuary while they’re in the kid rooms with friends.  When I was attending bible studies, I did my homework after they were in bed.  Everything was always when they weren’t around.  They both attend a christian preschool so they are immersed in the word through reading time, songs, etc.  I sat in on one of their chapel times and saw how attentive all of the kids – aged 2 to 5 – were while the story of Jesus at the well was read to them.

But, our kids learn by our example.  It’s how our kids know we pray before meals and before bed.  Jon and I were the examples showing them.  But, we were not being the examples of reading while they were around.  And, let’s be real – it’s really hard to concentrate when they’re trying to talk to you and show you things.

I shared earlier how I made the decision to be ready before they got up and get in my bible time before they were awake.  It’s summer time right now, and that sun is AWAKE by 5:15 am.  The kids are not sleeping is as much as they used to, so about 75% of my bible mornings include one or both (or heck, all three) awake.

Lead By Example - Daily Bible Devotional - Beautiful Word Bible

I basically had two choices.  Ok, maybe 3.  Get up earlier to have quiet time during the summer hours, quit my bible time, or be an example and have them see me in the word.

I chose #3 because if they see me in the word, I hope it makes them want to participate more in the future.

Lead By Example - Daily Bible Devotional - Beautiful Word Bible

One day I received a mail catalog featuring a lot of new items from Christian Book and I found this new journal bible.  I tore it out and put it on my desk.  I have really been enjoying journaling, but my bible is a study one and doesn’t have any free space for much imagination.  If you check out #IllustratedFaith on Instagram, many women have really embraced this colorful exploration of God’s word.

I was happy when I received a complimentary copy of Beautiful Word Bible by Zondervan.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s a mix of printed illustrations and space to create your own.  It brings life through color and fonts and I love it.

Lead By Example - Daily Bible Devotional - Beautiful Word Bible

That journal in the first photo is one I received at the Mom 2.0 Summit and provided that portion of scripture for it to be inscribed with.  A few days prior to the conference, that was part of one of my studies and I just loved it.  It’s a blank page journal so I have been using that as a companion to this bible.

I have been using the prompts from Middle Places (here’s the link to July’s!) to write out the scripture on the left side.  I take a portion of that scripture and use the super awesome Papermate Flair Pens to write on the right page.  And then, I write my reflection around it.  And, to make sure I’m making my bible ‘messy’ I’ve been re-drawing the colorful scripture back inside of Beautiful Word Bible.

Lead By Example - Daily Bible Devotional - Beautiful Word Bible

Aubrey and Luke still want to talk to me, still want breakfast, still want another show while I am taking time for my Bible Journal time,  and I might get impatient but I really try to answer them with as much grace as possible to ask if they can see what I’m doing (yes) and what does that mean (we have to be quiet) and I ask them if they are quiet when their teachers are reading to them (yes).  It’s a learning process for us all but I hope good habits now will pour into them as they get older and can draw and can read and create their own ‘mess’ with their bible study time.


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    It’s so hard to stay in the Word with little kids isn’t it!? Good for you for keeping that up during the summer. I always feel like summer is even harder. Looking forward to Bible Study (with childcare) starting again in the fall. 😉

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      For me, I’ve learned to keep it simple means I’ll stick with it. Between these quick prompts and my Write the Word journals from Lara Casey, I’ve been able to stick in the word for about 15 min a day. obviously more would be better. But this is also better than none!

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