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This is a sponsored post but all opinions & anecdotes are mine.


Let’s flash back to 2008, shall we? I was in grad school, engaged to Jon, and knee deep in wedding planning and DIY projects. As a born planner, I had marked off what date would work best for my bridal shower – somewhere not too close, but not too far from our wedding date in October. I also had planned on when would be the best time to register for our wedding so it was not too close but not too far from the date. If you’re wondering how far in advance, I would say 2 months from your shower and possibly 4 from your wedding….you don’t want your items to go on clearance and then become sold out! In full disclosure – I did a lot of the registry online. It seemed more fun to crawl into my pjs, pour a glass of wine, and “shop” online with my laptop. But Jon and I did venture out one day to create a registry in person. I’ll tell ya, it was rough. Why? Because we each had our own idea of what we wanted in our home.

Our personal tastes are slightly different. Jon loves rock ‘n roll from the 70s and I love pop from the 90s/2000s. He loves movies from the 80s, I don’t quite understand them. I love the color green for all.the.things in the kitchen, he could care less. Marriage is the joining of two persons. It’s not the joining of two of the same person, because, what fun would that be? To help along with our registry, Jon and I each picked an item we wanted and they were very different. Jon picked a gigantic rolling cooler for large parties. I picked a small wine fridge for chilling wine for a small gathering. The one commonality – entertaining.

Target asked me to help expand on this and pair up 2 items for a Target Wedding Registry that show off the separate personalities of a couple, while highlighting what they share in common. For the first item, I selected this Swiss Gear luggage set. Jon and I actually have a set of our own and it’s fabulous (in case you’re in the market for a new set!). This is perfect for getting away for a quick weekend, a long vacation, a business trip. For the person on the go that wants to have a great timeless piece of luggage to roll along beside them.

Be Yourself Together - TargetWedding - Swiss Gear - MelissaDell

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

I headed into Target to select something that would be different, yet make sense with this luggage set.

Be Yourself Together - TargetWedding - MelissaDell

Be Yourself Together - TargetWedding - Threshold Performance Sheet Set - MelissaDell

Be Yourself Together - TargetWedding - Threshold Performance Sheet Set - MelissaDell

Aubrey helped pick 2 colors, and then narrowed it down to one:

Be Yourself Together - TargetWedding - Threshold Performance Sheet Set - MelissaDell

The other item I selected was Threshold Performance Sheet Set. This is for the homebody that likes to have a bit of luxury as you’d experience with a trip to a luxurious hotel in a dreamy location spot. And there is something to be said with splurging on a great set of sheets as it can make for a much more restful night! So while jet-setters and homebodies are complete opposites, both have an appreciation for a fine set of hotel-quality sheets!

What items might you and your spouse put on your registry that appear to be opposite, but truly are perfectly paired? Share with me below! And thank you Target for this opportunity to share my thoughts!



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