Be Creative With Business Names

This post is written as a partnership with Name.Kitchen discussing the creative process to creating a name for your business.  

You might remember a few months past I wrote sharing the journey I went on for naming a few of my businesses.  Tracking PixelAt networking events, I love talking with others to see how they came across their name. Was it something they struggled with? Did they choose it for emotional impact? Was it a very straight-forward informative name?  There are so many small businesses and bloggers that have a great back-story on how they chose their name.  Driftaway Coffee is one of them!

Driftaway Coffee Subscription | Name Kitchen

Photo: Driftaway.Coffee

Owners Suyog and Anu Mody first started the business without a name. Once the idea started growing and more friends & friends of friends wanted to jump on board their coffee subscription, they brainstormed what to call their new endeavor.  They set up 2 axis on a whiteboard and tried to figure out if an emotional name was the right direction, or if it should be super direct with what the business was all about.  After coming up with 150 options, they determined their best option was to pick an emotional and implied side with Drift Away.  And, as all small business owners know, the next step is securing a domain.

Soul Camp | Name Kitchen

Photo: Erica Gulliver

Founders Ali Leipzig and Michelle Goldblum met as children during a sleep-away camp.  As adults, they wanted to create the same type of experience in a grown-up fashion for adults to take time away, form friendships and experience the chance to unplug, recharge, and reconnect.  On a set of emails back and forth, a list of hashtags ensued and one was Soul Camp. Immediately it resonated with Ali and the two fell in love with the simplicity, yet impact it conveyed.  Their first website incorporated the year it was for – 2014 – and they agreed they didn’t want to create individual ones each year.  Their first choice with the traditional dot-com ending wasn’t available and they were tipped off to the new release of not-com domains.  Soul.Camp has been used since then to keep their brand identity strong.

Be Creative With Business Names

 With the hundreds of not-com domain ending options,  small business owners can shorten their URL and keep strong with their online identity.  I wanted to try out the fun not-com domains and created MamaNeeds.Coffee.  Similar to the previous 2 businesses, the name is to the point on the message or product it delivers.

MamaNeeds.Coffee | Name Kitchen

Have you been thinking of creating a new business or blog?

Checking through the many available not-com domains could help narrow your business name!  I think my favorite might be for photographers since there’s the option of Photos, Pictures & Photography! If you need even further help, there’s an entire section within Name.Kitchen’s website to help.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Name.Kitchen

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