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Be a Rockstar in Direct Sales with a Follow-up System

I’ll be honest. I’m juggling 3 kids, blogging, Scentsy, and my day job.  Some days I’m surprised I leave the house with my teeth brushed.  I always want to do my best, grow my business, and earn money to hit the personal goals I’ve set for myself.  (In case you’re wondering, it’s earning enough from Scentsy to pay for our minivan payment).  One key to a successful direct sales business is treating it like a real job and not just a side hobby.  Hustling, working hard, connecting with new people – that’s so important.  But what else is important? Follow-up with the customers you have already worked hard to get.

In one of my team calls, another Scentsy Sister shared her follow-up system.  I realized I had been missing that key element.  I would always want to do my best to figure out how to keep track of what people like, when they order, when they might need something more.  Just like with switching to a paper planner, I needed to switch to a paper system (how 1980s is that??)

Be a Rockstar in Direct Sales with a Follow-up System

I modified an old Happy Planner I had to use for the system.  You’ll need a mini binder, 5 envelope pockets, pen, 3×3 Post-It pad, and order forms.  The linked order forms is a free printable I created for you to download and print.  It contains 2 that you cut in half and store them in your mini binder. You’ll labor your folders and with each order, they’ll move in progression from To Be Ordered through 3 Month Follow-up.

Be a Rockstar in Direct Sales with a Follow-up System

The process allows for you to be consistent with following up with your customers and planting seeds with them.  You never know when they’ll be near someone looking for a consultant and they’ll remember how great you are with conversation and follow-up with their needs.

Be a Rockstar in Direct Sales with a Follow-up System

I’ve been using my follow-up binder system for almost 3 months.  I have my very first original set of customers I implemented this with waiting for their 3 month check-in. Some were brand new customers. Some reply back to the messages I’ve sent in the past, but some haven’t.  During my most recent round of follow-up, I had someone reply to me that I had to be psychic as she was JUST telling a friend she needed to host a party.  Guess what we have planned next month?

Be a Rockstar in Direct Sales with a Follow-up System

Because I was using my Happy Planner as a modification, I have the last few months of the year in the back.  This has come in so handy for blocking out parties that I will be working to get the 2017 year in there to have for easy reference.

To catch all that goes into the Follow-Up Binder section, please catch the following video! Thank you for watching!

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