Baking Time

On my way home from work today, I got the baking bug. There had been a recipe I bookmarked earlier in the year and just never got around to making them. But, today, I decided I would do it.

The ingredients are easy…

(and I realized as I opened the fridge to grab the eggs, that we might not HAVE eggs. But, luckily, we had 2 (!!) yay! I could bake!!)

Mix them up.

The batter consistency is really thick. Not runny like normal cupcake/cake mixes.

Then, make little balls. The recipe suggested the mini ice cream scoops but I don’t have any. So, I used a melon baller and a toothpick.

Cook them in the oven for about 12 minutes at 350. And then let them cool. I let them cool on the racks in between the batches in the oven.

Add some icing on one cookie, and then smoosh it with another cookie. Not too much.

So good. Also, the cakies are just as good by themselves. I have about 4 more boxes of different flavors that I might just try out.

And, for any brides out there, and you like to bake? Please do yourself a favor and list the Kitchen Aid mixer on your registry. You’ll thank me later.

And if you really want the true recipe – go here


  1. says

    The look delish – congrats! And HELL YES about the Kitchen Aid Mixer…any baker worth her salt needs one on her countertop – I use my constantly!

  2. Aileen says

    These look yummy and so easy to make. Will definitely have to try this one. And I LOVE my Kitchen Aid too!

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