Going Back to School with Peace of Mind

Thank you Verizon for letting us do a test drive of the LG GizmoPal two-way calling wearable tech for kids.

A few months ago, I shared on here about 13 Reasons Why and how it got me to open a conversation with one of my BFFs who is a police officer dealing with juveniles.  One of her suggestions was no phones and provided an alternative to keep kids safe – the LG GizmoPal.

LG GizmoPal - wearable tech for kids

Aubrey is starting Kindergarten this “Fall” (I say that since school starts mid-August) and I know that the connections with the teacher & staff will be a lot less than what I have now with preschool.  I can text most of the staff if anything comes up and they can text or call me for an emergency.  When Aubrey starts Kinder, it’s a whole new world with a bigger classroom and a lot more kids.

We had the chance to visit the school during their Open House and it was the perfect chance for Aubrey to take a spin on the GizmoPal.  I downloaded the app (available for both iOS and Android) and designated my number for Mommy and Jon’s for Daddy.  There’s a huge list of pre-selected names that the kids would call folks (including that for extended family if you want to add more to their phone book).  It’s a simple operation with only 2 buttons for them to call and receive calls.

LG GizmoPal - wearable tech for kids

We met up with another family since our daughters will be attending the same school and Aubrey was very excited to show Abby how to call Mommy.  Abby’s Dad asked what happens if someone else tries to call Aubrey’s number and I really had no idea.  It claims you won’t be able to place the call – but we took the chance to test it out.

He dialed the number and received an immediate automatic recording from Verizon that the call couldn’t be placed as dialed.  Jon and I were super impressed since we know how chatty Aubrey can be and if she knew her number – she’d be telling all her friends to give her a ring at any time.

LG GizmoPal - wearable tech for kids

The phone is equipped with GPS and gives a precise location wherever she is.  You can set up different colors for kids in the app so you could track your entire brood at any given moment.

 LG GizmoPal - wearable tech for kids

We really did love how easy it was for her to try it out – and call us a few times.  She called us from her bedroom and tried sharing the call with Luke and I could hear each of them really well.  Jon and I really are considering adding this investment for her when she starts school next year.  I’m still trying to figure out the logistics of drop off and pick up – and having that extra step would really give me peace of mind.  This is currently available through Verizon only, but we do have family with that plan so we could add that line on and cover her cost.  Read through the reviews on Verizon to see how many other options this provides parents.

I’ll have to find out what the policy is at the school, but if we set the quiet hours to prevent her from playing the music while in class or at recess, and strict instructions she cannot just call us to show it off to her friends – we might be in business.  I do hope for  future editions there’s a watch feature so it can be a multipurpose item.  I know it’ll be something soon she’d be asking for.

LG GizmoPal - wearable tech for kids

I still can’t believe she’s big enough for Kindergarten.  She loves school so much and she’s going to thrive there.  If she is anything like me, by September she’ll be holding class in her bedroom to a room full of stuffed animals 🙂

Any tips I need to know about Kindergarten?

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