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So, here I am, past my due date, and still no baby. I know it happens with a lot of women. And prior to due dates approaching, I’m sure other mommies had discussions with their doctor about the “next steps” once a due date has passed. My conversation happened at the 38 week appointment. My doc asked about induction and what I thought about it. I told him I wanted to go into labor on my own. And then I asked him what he does about things after the due date passes. He told me he doesn’t like having his patients go past 41 weeks.

So who would have thought that what if possibility was now my reality. Not I!! But here we are. I had the Non-stress test (NST) performed on Friday. I was strapped up to the machine to monitor Baby A’s heartbeat and also contractions for about 20 minutes. She did well (of course!) and I had one contraction pop up.

Over the weekend I didn’t have much go on. I’ve still been sleeping fairly well. I’m not in a bunch of pain. And I’m grateful for all of that! Sunday I woke up hot at 3am and realized our power had gone out. I then became restless and tossed and turned. When we got up to watch football, realized it was still out so we showered and packed up to go to my mom’s. We hung out there all day and I did have some pretty minor contractions off and on. At most two were about 10 min apart. Then they’d space to 15. Then 20. Then back to 10. All over. At night when I went to sleep they either stopped – or stayed so minor I slept through them.

Today I had another appt and another NST done for 30 minutes. Her heartbeat was great but I didn’t get one damn contraction. Not ONE. Doc came in and told me we needed to get my induction on the books. He left the room and I was pretty stunned. I know she can still show up on her own but the fact that there’s a drop dead date is jus kinda scary! I’ll have to check in at 6am Friday morning to get hooked up. I’m hoping I’ll have dilated a bit more (last check on Friday was 1-2 cm) it’ll help keep the contractions coming along and result in a speedy labor.

So I’d appreciate any thoughts, prayers, whatever you’re comfortable with – to have Baby A make her appearance sooner rather than later. And whenever I do go into labor – my goal is to keep some updates going on this blog. I’ve posted this journey and our miscarriage journey online and. Feel that this gift we’re getting deserves some time online too!!!



  1. mamarock says

    patience. Sarah was WAAAAAY late (my first OBGYN sucked at math. Kerry waited until I qualified for a raise at work (serious. If I worked until close of business Sept. 8, I got a 10 percent pay bump. He was born Sept. 9). And Casey was an “appointment baby” who was such a swimmer that she tied a knot in her umbilical cord. I know you’re SO anxious for this and right now this waiting is the worst thing in the world.
    It’s not.
    Trust me.
    Waiting for them to get up when they take a tumble on the athletic field is longer.
    Waiting for them to come home after they start driving is longer.
    You have time. You have creativity. You have a great memory.
    She’ll be here soon enough.
    I can’t wait to meet her.
    Love you guys

  2. says

    Sending you and Baby A good thoughts. On the bright side, the awesome thing about being induced was that there was no wondering if it was “time” – you just head to the hospital and get it started. And hey, I was induced and had a great (as great as it can be) labor – no problems and an easy delivery, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

  3. Nicole says

    Sounds like you made a nice little home in there for baby A πŸ™‚ keep doing your walking and getting as much sleep as you possibly can… She’ll be here so soon! Or maybe we’ll have birthday twins!

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