Bringing the Past to Life – Medieval Times

bringing the past to live - medieval times - buena park

This is a sponsored post. Special thanks to Medieval Times in Buena Park for hosting our family Jon and I have been together since our young 20s.  Just before we both turned 30 - we talked about what plans we wanted to do.  Aubrey was a tiny baby and we weren't sure what to do.  All of our friends started having big celebrations but we knew with a newborn, much wasn't a possibility.  Jon's one wish was to head to Medieval Times Buena Park with all our friends.  And each year, it's pretty much been the same wish but it hasn't happened. Until now. We were invited to attend the live … [Read more...]

Simple Homemade Baby Food

homemade baby food - using our blendtec

This post contains affiliate links. Our third baby.  My how things have changed and how much we had to work to simplify our routines, baby gear, and more.  We got rid of so many items (that we loved!) after we moved since we were done having kids that we really had to evaluate if we wanted to go back to that or try other methods. I'll be honest, I've never been one to just provide our baby with table scraps from our meals to teach them how to eat (also known as Baby Led Weaning).  We tried once for Luke and I was absolutely terrified.  Since we have kids all over the place now - I needed … [Read more...]

Thinking of Others

Madame Alexander Super Hero Princess doll - Thinking of others

This is a sponsored post. Thank you KidzVuz and Madame Alexander for the opportunity to share our story & opinions with my readers. Aubrey is an extremely lucky little girl who has two younger brothers to run around with, play trains with, and ride bikes with.  But she's always been wanting something else - a little sister to dress alike with, play dolls with, and I imagine, later on, get pedicures with.  While a little sister is not in the cards for Aubrey, she's very lucky to have a sweet little girl cousin who will already be wearing matching pajamas with Aubrey on Christmas. This … [Read more...]

Blogging Efficiently – Revamping Old Content

blogging efficiently - revamping old content - coschedule review update

This is an unsolicited review of CoSchedule. I've been using CoSchedule for 13 months and wanted to provide an update in exchange for a discounted subscription.  I've been a blogger longer than I've been a mother - or a wife for that matter. I started back in early 2008 to document all the fun items I found during the wedding planning phases of life.  It was all in fun to document - had no big plans for any monetization or even knew about that as an option.  During our journey to get pregnant with Aubrey, I started a second private blog to use as a venting place for the struggles and the … [Read more...]

The Best Thing Our Elf Did

The best thing our elf did - veggietales kid daily devotions

This post contains affiliate links I know you're so familiar with Elf on a Shelf.  The little (often devious) elf that pops up around the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas and gets in to all precarious situations.  Our elf, Happy, joined us last year.  He rang our doorbell and showed up one day.  He'd pop in from time to time, and then leave for extended periods of time (ya know, when Happy just couldn't think of any new places to show up).  The kids loved him and we did our best to balance the whole Christmas Santa Jesus Presents situation.  It worked out well. Then, Aubrey turned … [Read more...]

Looking for Snow? Head to Orange County!

where to find snow in socal

This is a sponsored post with Gigasavvy to raise awareness for Winterfest OC.  Check below for a chance to win free tickets! All commentary is courtesy of me! Tis the season to deck the halls and get in the Holiday spirit.  Every day as we drive home from preschool, Aubrey & Luke are in awe of all the homes lit up with Christmas lights and the Christmas tree farm behind our house with the huge inflatable snowmen and nutcrackers.  Since the sun goes down so early (Thanks daylight savings!) they're able to see every decorated home in our neighborhood.  They're also at the age to ask me … [Read more...]