Aubrey’s New Play Area

When we moved into our current rental, the layout leaves a bit to be desired.  Since everything is split between 2 floors, long are the days we could easily have Aubrey entertain herself in her bedroom.  Our living area isn’t very large, but to keep our sanity, we knew we needed to create a play area for Aubrey.  It would be especially helpful later this summer when we’re trying to keep her entertained while we’re sleep deprived with our newborn.

I had an idea of what I wanted and kept an eye out on our local Facebook resale group.  Side note – do you have one of these in your area? The boards are AMAZING.  We have so many – for homegoods, baby items, furniture, clothing, etc.  It really helps our budget by buying used! I wanted to have blocks for her to play with (she loves the ones my little sis has), but that would mean finding a way to protect the hardwood laminate.  I know that area rugs are expensive so figured foam tiles would be better on the budget (plus easier to clean, hopefully).  Within a few days, we found everything we wanted on the resale site. My mom was helping me out on the stalker status.  So here’s our before:

Aubrey's New Play Area - 1

Feel free to ignore my awesome on-the-fly skills with that blue painters tape.  Our kitty, Butters, started sneaking upstairs at night and I didn’t want him to start scratching at the carpet or doors to get in our room. Sure it’s ugly, but it’s cheap and it works!  When we moved, we literally just plopped the jumper there. Aubrey hasn’t used it in months, but her doll & stuffed animals always get to play in it.  The basket was doing an ok job with wrangling toys – but every morning Aubrey would bring a new stuffed animal downstairs and eventually, we had that.

And now for the Afters!

Aubrey's New Play Area - 2

Aubrey's New Play Area - 3

Aubrey's New Play Area - 4

We purchased the foam letter tiles for $5, and the blocks for $5 (there’s a huge bag of them in a storage closet. She only needs a few at a time), and the easel for $15.  My mom had some chalk and I already had the magnetic letters.  I was able to set everything up during her naptime and her reaction, is well, awesome.

Cutest thing ever right? She loves the blocks, loves the chalk, and we’ve already lost some of her alphabet letters.  I’m sure they’re under the couch since there’s not too many spots for them to hide.  We’re working on Aubrey only using chalk on the chalkboard, but she’s ventured over to our TV console table to draw on there. I guess she wants to share the love. She also likes to lick them, so we put them away after each use.

Coming soon is some changes in her nursery. My baby’s growing up!!!!


  1. says

    So sweet. Loved her reaction to her new play area. $5 for the letters was such a good deal. I should have looked around before I bought our set.

  2. Samantha says

    How did you find the local resale group? I tried looking for a group in my area but couldnt find one. I live in Santa Clarita.

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