Aubrey – 16 months

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update on Aubrey and how she is. And today she’s 16 months old! Wowie! Each day she’s changing more and more. She is working on her 5th tooth – a molar – and boy are nights fun 🙂 She goes down pretty easy but somewhere around the 1am mark, she is awakened. If she can make it past 1am, she’s golden until the morning.  Like this past Saturday, I woke up to pee around 4am and almost did a happy dance realizing she never woke up in the middle of the night. YAY!

She’s also working on her words and listening comprehension.  I try not to point if I want to test if she’s understanding me.  She has a baby doll she got for Christmas, and right now it’s in a cubby in our living room (ya know, cuz we’re trying to sell the place?) So I’ll be in the kitchen and Aubrey keeps wanting to pull out all the ziploc baggies and I’ll say “Aubrey, where’s your baby? I think she wants to jump).  And she’ll look at me, turn around, walk to her cubby, grab the doll, and put her in her jumper and shake the thing till the baby doll is “over it.”

Aubrey - 16 months - 1

Pretty cute, huh?   I also test her with telling her to put her shoes in her room. She’s still working on that one a bit.  But we do clean up together – and she does a great job putting all the items I give her into whatever bin I have pulled out (she has 3 in her room – 2 are full of books, one is of stuffed animals).   She’s got some good words going – shoe, sock, apple (that’s my favorite. she says “aaaah-puuuullll”), hi and bye, mama, dada, and we’re working on expanding the names to her grandparents as well. Baby steps!

I weighed her this past week and with clothes, diaper & shoes, she was at 25 pounds. I figured she’s probably about 23 or so fully naked.  She loves to walk everywhere.  She now will go to the front door and wait for me when we’re ready to leave the house. There’s 3 big steps to scale down from our front door to the garage, and most of the time she does it on her own. Every now and then she forgets she can do it, and just stands there.  While putting groceries away the other day, She had the best time just going up and down one of the steps over and over again. If only we as adults were as easily amused??

I don’t take any more weekly photos of her and with her moving around so much, I don’t really get much chance to take “real” photos of her with my DSLR as opposed to my iPhone. But I grabbed some of her last week – as she had on the cutest outfit. The shoes I bought for her Christmas dress and I just love how lady like they are.  So, here’s some recent photos of Miss Aubrey! Enjoy!

Aubrey - 16 months - melissadell.com2

Aubrey - 16 months - 3

Aubrey - 16 months - 4

and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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