Are You Sentimental Too?

As I’ve grown up, and moved (many times), I’ve realized I am a bit sentimental about things. With each move, I’ve uncovered more boxes full of mementos of photographs (totally normal), keychains (not so normal) and baby hair.  This is totally a mom thing. I have a hard time getting rid of these objects even though our garage & closet is overflowing.

Each item takes me back to a different time and place and brings back vivid pictures.  One of the keychains I have is the little photo keepsake you get at amusement parks.  I have 2 that were from an 8th grade trip with my small class.  It was special to me because many of them went on to the same high school – but I was moving away and knew that I’d see them way less than I had been accustomed too.   I remember the shirt I wore wasn’t mine – I didn’t like my options and a friend loaned me hers (we all wore uniforms so I didn’t have a tremendous set of normal clothing to choose from).  I remembered us thinking how awesome it was to be free from adults for a day while riding roller coasters and running around the park.

I have also uncovered all of the programs from each school graduation I attended. Some are actually my programs and some are from my sister.  I just can’t let go of those – even though it’s just a placeholder for a memory.  It’s not like throwing it away will result in that loss of memory.

So, that brings me to what prompted this post.

Last spring, Jon went on his (final) 3 week trip to Europe for his MBA program.  Before he left, I joked how 3 weeks with 3 kids deserves something.  I sent him some items as a wishlist but we both talked during his trip that we should get my mom something vs getting me something.  So he said he’d take care of it and I had no idea what he was going to purchase (I was honestly scared.  This is why.)

Anyways, when he came back, he told me to sign a card for my mom. I saw 2 initials and almost DIED! LV.  Holy moly he did a great job. My mom was shocked and I wasn’t even jealous. No really, I wasn’t.

We headed back to bed and he told me to check his sock drawer. Inside was a box, just like my moms, and it had this amazing Louis Vuitton wallet – hot pink inside.  Yes, it was one of the things I had sent him but I wasn’t playing that game where I told him I was totally ok with giving my mom something and not me – but really wanted him to read between the lines and get me something.

So I had this beautiful wallet and I loved it.  Then, one day, it broke.  BROKE!  The material separating my cards ripped.  And the crazy party? It happened EXACTLY 6 months later.  He bought my wallet on 6-1 and it broke 12-1.

Louis Vuitton was amazing and worked to get it repaired – but it couldn’t be.  So they said they’d replace it.

I was honestly very sad.  This was the wallet he picked out for me in Barcelona, brought it back to me, and my first LV item.  I know it sounds lame. Please tell me you’ve done this too?

So, I now have a new wallet, still pink, still pretty.  But now it’s got a new addition. My letters. Ain’t no one stealing this from me 🙂

louis vuitton josephine wallet

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