ah-mazing enchiladas {lasagna}

Enchiladas Lasagna. The lazy way of making enchiladas.  Actually, I just hate it when the tortillas crack when I roll them up for the dish.

The hubs wanted enchiladas last week – so I bought stuff for it. Then he told me he wants 2 casserole dishes worth to have enough for leftovers.  Hmmm. Ok.

But I wanted a different recipe. Something more fun more adventurous than just chicken, cheese, tortillas & enchilada sauce.  So, I ventured off to the web. But I did a random google search, and got a blog post, and don’t recall the blog {sorry}. But here’s basically what I did. And it’s good. I had some last night 🙂

I used one 11×13 casserole dish, and one smaller one at like, 9×6 or something weird like that. It’s from my Pyrex set we got from our wedding.  Here’s what I used to make both of them (if you’re making one, just compromise on the amounts of everything)

4 chicken breasts (boneless/skinless)

2 large jars of green enchilada sauce

1/2 onion chopped

1 bell pepper chopped

1 can black beans {drained}

cumin & chilli powder

corn tortillas

shredded cheese {I bought one of the larger sized bags. I think it had 4 cups}

I took 4 defrosted chicken breasts and boiled them for over an hour with 1/2 jar of the enchilada sauce. If I had thought about it in the am – I would have done the 4 frozen ones in the crock pot with the sauce. Same thing.

Shred all the chicken.  In a separate pan – add olive oil {oh, i guess add that to the ingredients too} about 2 tbsp and the chopped onion & bell pepper. Saute till the onion is clear.

Preheat oven to 350

Add in all the chicken, the can of beans, tsp or more of cumin and a few shakes of chilli powder {obv the more the hotter} If you need to, ad some more green sauce. Let it mingle for about 20 minutes. Then add 1 cup cheese, stir.

In the casserole dishes, spray some non-stick spray on the bottom, then add some green sauce {not too much} and cover with 1 layer of tortillas {for the big dish, i had to rip them in half to make sure everything was covered. I didn’t overlap much}. Then, add a layer of the inside mixture {that amazing, yummy smelling mix of chicken, beans, etc}. Don’t make it too thick. Just enough to cover everything. Add another layer of tortillas, another layer of the mix, another layer of tortillas. Stop. Cover with more enchilada sauce and top with cheese.

Pop in the oven, uncovered for about 20-25 minutes. Cheese should be bubbly, but not burned. Let it stand a little bit so you don’t burn the bejesus out of your mouth. Devour.

And then come back here, and comment – thanking me for making this for you 🙂


  1. mrs.csunsweetie says

    LOL. That’s what you’re asking about??!!

    I actually didn’t think to take any. I know. I fail. I wasn’t even going to blog it. But I was requested to. Apparently my 140 character tweet wasn’t enough info. Imagine that!

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