Adulting Is Hard


I know Adulting isn’t a word, but it should be.  If Parenting is a word, and that involves the act of being a parent, then Adulting should be the act of being an adult.  What does that encompass? All the things.

Perhaps it’s the almost-end of my pregnancy and the aches and pains my body is enduring as we approach the finish line, or the two kids that know something is up and are not listening, or not wanting to eat dinner, or want to whine for everything.  Perhaps it’s the forecasting of our family budget, finding all the ways to be money smart now to help when we send Luke to preschool.

Or maybe it’s just the hot summer that wears down your energy and you’re just DONE by the end of the day. Either way – plain and simple. Adulting is hard.

Who else feels me?


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