A Third Farmer Dell


I never thought I’d be sitting here, sharing a third pregnancy announcement.  But I am, and Jon and I are really happy, even though the upcoming months require a ton of thought and adjustments 🙂 But first, the happy stuff!

About 3 weeks ago, each of the kids had the stomach flu.  Luke caught it first, and was recovered by time I was heading up to Los Olivos to visit Zaca Mesa Winery.  The next day, Aubrey woke up sick and we spent another 3 days with the flu.  One of the other moms from church warned me that she and her husband caught it a bit longer than her kids did from each other.  Almost a week to the day Luke caught it, I was very sick.  I stayed home from work just laying in bed most the day.  The next day, I felt somewhat better, but could barely get out of bed. Jon grabbed an old expired Zofran pill to try and help me so I could make it to work.

I told my coworker how I was feeling so awful, still, and she joked with me Are you sure you’re not pregnant? I laughed.  Then I went home.  And thought, might as well take a test just to get that out of the way.  It was instantly positive.  I walked out and was stunned.  I told my mom and then told her I needed a minute and went back in my room.  I laid on my bed absolutely bewildered how this was happening.  I didn’t want to tell Jon on the phone.  I wanted to do something cute, something fun.  Aubrey’s positive test came after months and months of trying and I practically threw it at him when it was positive.  With Luke’s, I took it after a day of tailgating and tried waking him up from his nap.  That didn’t go well. I shared with him later when he woke up and we were both just stunned.

So with baby #3, I figured I should try something creative. Except he called me, concerned husband that he is, to check in on me.  I kept trying to dodge his questions but eventually he just flat out asked me and I started laughing hysterically and he just knew.  Turns out after we hung up the phone, he needed a moment too and stepped outside his office for a bit.

That night was a mixture of happy tears, and ohmygoshwhatonearthdowedonow discussions.  We decided (well, I said I wanted it, and he obliged) to be Team Green.  That means, we won’t find out what we’re having until the day I give birth.  And while I have been adamant I will never own a minivan, I’m quickly realizing we just don’t have the space in my car for 3 carseats and at times, 3 adults, plus gear.  Not sure what we’ll do, but going to hold off as long as possible with that.

I’m due towards the end of November.  I was late with Aubrey, and early with Luke.  Who knows when this one will come.  If the baby’s birthday is November 14th, I will find God’s sense of humor extremely funny since that will mark the one year of us moving into our forever home – the home He guided us to, and aligned everything perfectly for us with the entire process.

The first few weeks have been completely awful.  I know I had bad “morning” sickness with both Luke and Aubrey, but I swear I’m feeling it 1000 times worst this time.  It hits me most in the late afternoons & evenings and most nights I just want to curl up in a ball on the bed.  I just keep thinking it’ll be over soon, I just don’t know when. lol

Ironically enough, we also will be finding ourselves starting over with most baby gear.  We donated/sold/gave away most of our baby items.  But I’m excited because it gives me a chance to try out new brands and see what has changed since the pregnancies with Luke and Aubrey.

So that’s all! We’re happy to welcome a new Farmer Dell into our lives this fall!



  1. MamaRock says

    Wouldn’t it be funny if you and Casey delivered on the same day! So HAPPY for you guys!
    Sending love and hugs….

  2. says

    Congratulations! We would have the same surprise, shock, starting over feelings if I were to be surprise pregnant now, too. Here’s hoping you’re feeling better soon! I hated that part of pregnancy.

  3. says

    Congratulations!! And please take it easy 🙂 With kids I know it is very hard to do so, but do ask for help whenever you need it. Best of luck to you, and hope you feel better soon!

  4. says

    Biggest congrats to your family! We are currently on the fence for baby #3 and I seriously wish we would have an “oops” so we didn’t have to decide. I just love these stories, thanks for sharing!

  5. Katie W says

    Congratulations Dell!!! I can’t wait to hear how Aubrey and Luke react to the news 🙂

    PS – Team Green is so fun!

  6. says

    Congrats again! It sounds like you have my morning sickness, which sucks. There was nothing I could do/take to make it go away, and I threw up daily. Finally discovered late in the game with Cici that “crunchy” ice works miracles – plus even if I did get sick afterwards, water comes up easier. Luckily, it does pass, and hopefully it will be over quickly for #3.

  7. says

    I’m SO excited for you all!!! & I cannot get “The farmer in the dell” outta my head now LOL. Congrats! & I know you don’t live too far from me, so if you’re ever in a bind with your (already here) kids or need anything, please let me know 🙂

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