A New Home In Time For The Holidays

When Jon and I started off 2014, we could have never dreamed about where we’d be ending it.  We were renting a 2 story 2 bedroom condo with both kids, and I was stressing with sleep schedules of the kids since they were sharing a room.  We decided to try and see what else might be available for us to move in to that was also  closer to where our life happened – school, church, family & work.  We found this awesome 3 bedroom house to rent that has amazing party hosting capabilities (Mother’s day & Luke’s first birthday!)  Then Jon decided to head back to school to study for his MBA and with the 3 year program, we decided that this house met all our needs for that timeframe.

One big Want was to actually own our own home, but we were ok with putting that on hold.  But occasionally we’d get the home-buying-bug and look on different apps.  There was not much inventory, and most of what we liked was out of our price range.  Our awesome realtor – Valerie – did show us a few places and always kept an eye out for us.  And one magical afternoon, she called me on a lead and the rest is history.

Within 24 hours we fell in love with a home, put an offer in, prayed & waited.  It was the perfect house – one story, 4 bedrooms, great yard, awesome schools, great neighborhood with lots of areas to take our walks.  It was exactly in our price range and was primarily move in ready.  We’d also be able to update what we wanted to as time goes on, and even add a pool down the road.

After waiting patiently, we had a knock at the door and I opened it up to find Valerie with a bottle of champagne. I’ve never cried and screamed so loudly in my life!  Some of my cousins had stopped over, and my mom was here as well. We all enjoyed a toast to mark a new adventure for us.





We are set to close escrow around Halloween and I think we’ll be taking our kids trick or treating to meet some of the neighbors.  I can’t wait to decorate and you better believe I have my Pinterest board running wild!  It seems so long ago that we were learning to sell our home by reading up on sites like https://dyernews.com/upgrading-your-home-to-sell/ for tips and tricks from the pros. We put our first home up for sale and it went so perfectly well, we can’t help but be proud of ourselves.  But really, it’s been less than 2 years.  I can’t wait for all of the firsts that will happen, as well as all the traditions we build and memories that will be stored in those walls.  I can’t wait to share with you the story of the home as well. It’s pretty awesome.


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