A new face

Last weekend, I had a bridal event for the wedding group I’m apart of – Couture Wedding Collection. I was speaking with Shana about my skin. I quickly was told my skin was too dry and I needed to stop using Proactive. Uh-oh.

My skincare regime involved washing my face in the am with one of the following – Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleanser, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Or Proactive’s Cleanser. Then I apply the Proactive spot treatment, face moisturizer, and voila. And yes, guilty of not washing my face at night.

I’m quickly approaching 30 (6 1/2 months to go) and I think it’s time to adjust everything. I asked Shana for some suggestions and she said Arbonne. She gave me a few things to check out and I made my purchases this week. I bought items from their FC5 Face line: Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener, Deep Cleansing Mask, Hydrating Eye Cream, And then Their Clear Advantage Clarifying Acne Lotion. I’ll be washing my face twice a day, applying the eye cream after each wash, using the acne lotion at night, and using the deep cleansing mask twice a week.

I’ll be taking photos weekly to track the progress. So keep checking if you’re so inclined! This pic was the one I used from my drug store face post a bit ago. I still look the same so here we go!

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