A Minimalistic Nursery

minimalistic nursery

With Baby #3, I just didn’t seem to have the resources, or energy, or motivation to really plan an all-out Pinterest worthy nursery.  Part of the reason is due to me not knowing if we’re having a boy or a girl.  And while I did decorate Aubrey’s nursery in our first condo we owned, I just didn’t want to worry about repainting again.  This room has a neutral taupe on the wall that I picked out for Luke so we could add to it as he grew through decor and what not.  But since he’s currently bunking in Aubrey’s room, and we don’t know how the rooms will end up in a few years, I didn’t want to do much. I hate painting.

Yes we do have some items from each of the kids before.  We have pink bedding and blue bedding, and changing pad covers.  This is the same crib I’ve had since Aubrey was born, and the sound machine is also the same.  The dresser was from Luke’s old room and the hamper too.  But, I did want this baby to have some new things, so I have been doing a mix of buying through our local Facebook resale groups, buying inexpensive things from Buy Buy Baby, and reaching out to some of our favorite brands we’ve worked with in the past for some new additions to the room.

minimalistic nursery

For Aubrey’s birthday adventure, after her hair cut, we went to the mall to do some shopping.  I had some gift cards and figured it would be a good chance to scoop up something for this baby.  She picked out this super soft bunny from Children’s Place to bring her baby brother or sister at the hospital.  When I was setting up the nursery, Luke decided he needed it and tried pulling it out the side rails.  Whoops.

I purchased some neutral bedding as well (affiliate link to amazon for similiar jersey sheets) in an aqua and gray.  I love jersey on the kids’ bed so figured the baby might like it too.  Plus, with it being a winter baby, it might appreciate a bit warmer of a fabric than a regular cotton!  I also purchased a new navy changing pad cover (similar) since we only have 2 left and I’m pretty sure we’ll be going through them.  Oh! And pro-tip!  Invest in these Boppy Changing Pad Liners!  Not only are they great to help lessen the washes of the big covers, but they’re great to keep around the house for changes in living rooms…

minimalistic nursery

This dresser/changing table combo has been through many babies!  It belonged originally to my friend Michele for her son (he turns 5 this month!) and when they were converting his room into a big boy room, I bought it off of her to use with Luke.  And now, it’ll be used for this little one! (and, well, still Luke. He’s in diapers still.)  We keep diapers in that top drawer and the taller section is an overflow for crap that just accumulates.  I think inside here we have a wetbag with newborn diapers (I might try cloth diapering again), swim diapers from Luke, Pull-ups for Luke, overflow of regular diapers, some sheets, blankets…You name it.

And the 3 drawers are perfect for clothing although right now it’s holding all of my stuff (nursing items, birth recovery, etc).  Eventually it’ll be filled with adorable little clothing for our baby.

minimalistic nursery - homemedics sound machine

Up top we have THE best sound machine in my opinion.  We had this one since Aubrey was born, and my mom also bought one for when she would watch Aubrey.  It’s the Homemedics Sound Machine (available on Amazon!) and it features a variety of sounds plus lullabyes AND has a projection option to display some scenes.  Our kids love the fish one and we’ve been using the second one (seen here) in their room to play the fishies at bedtime.  It rocks because there is a timer option so we use that for the lullabye and fish to turn off after 15 or 30 minutes. It can also go on for 45 and 60 minutes or just remain on till you shut it off.

It uses an ac adapter and it’s lasted us 4 years!  Definitely a must have!

minimalistic nursery - fisher price swing

Even with a minimalistic nursery, a must-have is a swing.  This will actually be used in our living room and travel around the house and in its place will be my big glider that I love so much. But I’ve always told parents – swings are very important and it MUST run through an outlet.  This line from Fisher Price has the AC adapter.  We’ve had one with batteries but you just blow through them.  Plug in is best! I purchased this SnuggleBunny swing by Fisher Price through our local resale group on Facebook but they have other ones, including this SnugglePuppy one.

minimalistic nursery - fisher price swing

There are several different options for swinging speed, sounds, and the mobile that goes round and round.

minimalistic nursery - fisher price swing

The cover is removable & washable which is also a must because you never know what you will encounter with a newborn! Or, very loving older siblings with sticky hands.

minimalistic nursery - tommee tippee simplee diaper pail

Last but not least is the storage container for all the diapers.  After I had Luke, Tommee Tippee sent me their brand new diaper sealer  and since then, they’ve redone it and were kind enough to send me the latest – the Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail (available on Amazon).  Anything that contains newborn or toddler diapers has to work well because no one likes a stinky nursery!

Not including but in our actual bedroom, we’ll have an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper set up next to our bed until the little one is ready to move to a crib.  I’ve always wanted to try one but haven’t had the opportunity till now.  A friend of mine is loaning me hers since our pack-n-play has been all over the place and just didn’t seem like it should be used for a newborn again.  It’s been to the beach, camping, beach again…But it’ll be nice to use for trips later on!

We also have our stand-by Fisher Price Rock n Play to tote from room to room.  You can read here on how it became a fast favorite after Luke was born.


If you’ve had multiple kids, did you notice the amount of items you set up in the nursery lower as the number of kids gets higher?


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